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response to white supremacist article

I just answered an email from a concerned friend who forwarded an article about white supremacists favoring RP. I think I did a reasonable job. But this stuff is still circulating and as people who totally ignored him 4 years ago start to wake up, they trot every story out. (this was published yesterday, http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/9801-white-su... Here's my answer:

"This stuff really isn't new. There were some white supremacists that were supporting him in 2007-8 until the campaign discovered them. There are a few newsletters that were published with his name, although not written by him.(He admits he ought to have proofed the content more vigilantly, but he was practicing medicine at the time and probably not focussed on investment newsletters.) He personally is very much not racist but his organization attracts people from across the spectrum, some with very inappropriate beliefs. As their beliefs become obvious, the campaign weeds them out---(they disassociate themselves while supporting the right to free speech.) I haven't heard anything from either RP's own words or anything official from the campaign like this. He always treats people as people, not as part of a group to be either shunned or given special treatments. So in this way, he does not support and hiring or admission quotas but also opposes discrimination based on race, sex or similar criteria.

Every campaign is supported by some people it probably wishes would go away. The Rev Jeremiah Wright comes to mind as an example. I think there are always fringes that hope to ride the coattails and push their personal agendas. As long as the candidate does not voice the hateful views personally, I think the best they can do is disavow such things when they come to light especially when their organization is a large rambling one. RP always says 'Freedom brings people together' and one of the hallmarks of his events has been the diverse ages and backgrounds of the crowds. So once again, lacking substance, I don't expect this to stick."

The article claims that there are several rather fervent white supremacists in higher positions within the campaign. If so, they need to be rooted out. Scrutiny will only intensify.

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