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STFU and Support the Republican Candidate Says Redstate

"Again, if someone can’t bring themselves to vote in November under their own conscience, that is their own business and I will not judge them. But the wailing cry of “I’m taking my ball and going home if I don’t get my way!” is something our parents hopefully taught us was wrong about the time we turned six years old. I see no reason why it should be treated with any more seriousness than we would treat a wayward six year old, even if it were possible to do so without thwarting the democratically-expressed wishes of the GOP electorate."

Read more at hxxp://www.redstate.com/leon_h_wolf/2012/02/05/negotiating-with-terrorists/

Oh and we are crybaby terrorists, thanks Redstate. This article was made just to complain about us. We are getting to them. They are sweating bullets. Us 'movement' guys who cannot vote for the lesser of two evils are just wrong because the vote says so. Never mind two Republican state chairs have had to resign due to rampant corruption no, no, no. The process is flawless.

Heaven forbid we have morals.

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I had friends and family members who told me this in 2008.

The McCain campaign and the GOP treated Ron Paul and us like dirt in 2008 and then had the nerve to accuse us of "disloyalty" for not supporting their lousy candidate. I told them then and I tell them now, "Go f##k yourselves." I plan to do everything I can to take down GOP incumbents who supported the NDAA and the Patriot Act. They are asking for a political bloodbath, so let's give them one. I turned a demonstration against members of Congress who kited checks during the House Banking scandal of 1992 into a demonstration against George H.W. Bush and got myself interviewed by ABC News. Bush was leading in the polls at that time, but things turned around quickly and you remember what happened. I think the campaign should start ignoring Gingrich and Santorum and go after Romney's by connecting him to his crony capitalist banker donors.

Hmm yes, I see what they're saying

apparently they're lacking balls at redstate.
Explains a lot.

Is redstate still around

haven't been over there in 4 years figured they would all be over at dailykos. That is the NeoCon birthplace. Maybe they should go back home to mommy DNC where they belong. Maybe if they bow down real low to mommy she will give them a little fascism for their Corporations. They should fit right in over there BO seems to love fighting little wars all over the world.

Redstate we are not going anywhere. We will vote against your silly @sses right to your face. If the GOP told them they had to vote for Ron Paul how many of them would take their ball home?

Redstate is a waste of time.

Look, if you don't get your

Look, if you don't get your Thomas Jefferson, don't be a pouty baby and just support Hitler as the nominee. After all, if we don't, Stalin will get reelected!

Can I just say, Fuck YOU right back Redstate!

redstate is a joke.

They are all noecons. They want romney and then perry in 2020. That just shows how stupid they are, PERRY gimme a break. I registered so I can comment, but it wont let me, F-'em.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James