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Why Paul is still in it and clarification about how delegates are chosen...

Some people are confused about the unpledge/ pledge delegates.

Just take a look at this chart and you will understand more. Paul is currently in third. That chart is more accurate than any reports from the MSM.

Soft: Soft count, estimated delegate preferences prior to the convention.
Hard: Hard count, the preference as originally assigned. (Note: unpledged delegates are hard counted as "Uncommitted".)
Pl: Pledged or Bound Delegates.
Unpl: Unpledged or Not Bound Delegates


Also Paul beat Romney back in 2008:

Republican National Convention Presidential nominee vote, 2008

John McCain 2,343 98.44%
Ron Paul 21 0.88%
Mitt Romney 2 0.08%

What this means is that most of Romney's unpledge (or anybody else) delegates can go to anybody if there is a brokered convention. In order for this to happen, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum must stay in the race to prevent Romney the frontrunner status.

Paul has a great chance to do much better in Maine, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia (1 on 1 with Romney), Texas, etc. Don't ever gave up guys, we're freedom fighters for life.

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Yeah...and this SAME thing

Yeah...and this SAME thing was said in 2008...and guess what? IT didn't work.

You just automatically ASSUME that every delegate is going toi vote for Ron Paul if they are unpledged. And you assume that for NO reason.

Again...Ron Paul is trying to win in the REAL world. And I don't know WHAT the fuck world you are living in, but reality is not a part of it.

It would also DESTROY Ron Paul's career (and Rand, and all candidates like him) if Romney were to have FAR more states than Paul and Paul get the win that way. IT would be (rightfully) seen as Ron Paul stealing the nomination against the will of the people and that would follow him forever. That may not matter to Ron Paul who will not be running after his 80th birthday. But it would kill the movement. ALL the 2010 gains would be wiped out in 2014 and 2016.

It didn't work?

2008 was NOT a "BROKERED" convention. If Romney does NOT have 1144 delegates going in, there will not be anything to "steal". If WE can get to be 51% of the national delegates, it will be totally legitimate for Paul to be nominated! We CAN do this, we CAN do this legitimately, and we WILL do this! And the country will not only thank us for it (albeit a few years down the road), but they will re-elect Rand and will all move Paul's direction. This is feasible, it is legitimate, and it is doable! It will take lots of hard work and determination. Work with us, or get the H3LL outta the way!

Oh Wow...

Well then by all means...let's not follow the actual rules of how the election process works...let's just back out and support Romney now then.

Your argument is ridiculous! The people who would "think" that Dr. Paul will be stealing the nomination need to wake up to the reality of the rules of the country they live in. It is not our fault if folks don't take the time to understand the process that governs their lives. But to say that we should lose to "save face" is idiotic. And ya know what...maybe it's time for something like this to happen so that folks DO see how things work.

As for the poster "assuming" that every un-bound delegate will vote for Dr. Paul...well..fine, maybe they won't. But that doesn't mean we don't still try.

If you want to quit..knock yourself out. Otherwise I don't understand why you're knocking this post.