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Damn! Florida State Rep. Scott Plakon Gets Owned On The 4th Amendment By The Daily Show!

On Friday Florida State Rep. Scott Plakon was interviewed by the daily show and what happened next was just classic! Let me know what you think of this topic, alright. Peace out guys.


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I was thinking the other day

I was thinking the other day how about how important the 1st amendment was, but the 4th amendment is amazing 2. Wow our constitution people is so sick! Lol. In a great way though

juan maldonado

I love stEven Colbert and Jon

I love stEven Colbert and Jon stewart, because there real...

juan maldonado

Just saw Florida State in the title and thought I should

reiterate GO NOLES!

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul



juan maldonado

when the north american union

when the north american union is setup, will we still have a consititution?

juan maldonado

Like most laws like this, it sounds good in theory...

To the average Conservative voter, this law sounds good in theory and the knee-jerk reaction is to support it. However, those of us who are awakened to where we are heading know that the ultimate goal is to have EVERYBODY on some sort of government assistance.

Once they have your pee for a drug test, who's to say what information is kept in a database. Who's to say you don't have to submit to this every 6 months or so. A boon for the drug-testing companies.

Not surprisingly, drug testing companies have a huge lobby. One of the largest is Concateno, who surprise, surprise has teamed up with Merck to bring you roadside drug-testing:


Ironically, their most popular product is called Rapiscan, which is the same name given to the TSA porno-machines.

I swear, I used to think Alex Jones was a freaking nut-case. What does it say when a lot of what he says is actually true?

Read a little more here:

I love Alex jones! He's

I love Alex jones! He's responsible for me finding out about Dr. Paul, to me he's amazing...

juan maldonado

Cool. Thanks

Cool. Thanks

juan maldonado

I'm bout to pass out some

I'm bout to pass out some super brochures, does anyone have any advice? Has anyone done it before? how do you start?

juan maldonado

Did you hear

Rep. Plakon say, "If they pass a law that says legislators have to take drug test..."

We clearly need a Constitutional Amend which clearly states that No Person Is Above the Law. It's obvious it's not enough that it's implied, talked about (Federalist Papers, e.g.) it needs to be written into The Law!

This long time habit of exempting themselves from their own legislation has GOT TO GO. And make it retroactive. Jeeeess

I know this is hilarious stuff but, I'm serious.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

yeah you would of thought

yeah you would of thought they would of had that law already, just like how theres no law to stop insider trading if your a congressman! its just evil and im so sick and tired of it

juan maldonado

excellent post Jauno. The

excellent post Jauno. The politicians should be subject to the same laws they pass.

And sending people to war.

Dont know how to do it but I think that legislators that dont have family in the services should abstain from voting for war.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

I Agree, but knowing these

I Agree, but knowing these sickos, there probably start sending there wives, there kids, there dogs, who knows lol.

juan maldonado


Good one!



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

The question that got him was

So who pays you? Lmao.

juan maldonado

That's a great idea. Anyone

That's a great idea. Anyone receiving a government paycheck should be required to submit to random drug testing, especially the elected officials.

We should make this our top priority.

I'd also like to see it extended to doctors, lawyers, executives of publicly held corporations, certified public accountants, or anyone who holds a professional license from the state.

And why not? Drug money supports terrorists, and anybody who doesn't submit to a drug test supports terror!

I think we also should include anybody who resides in the same household as these people, e.g., wives, children, just to make sure that even if they aren't using drugs themselves, that their money isn't going to fund terror.

And if you know a mexican

or anyone of a differant nationality. Or if you get a driver's license to transport drugs accross state lines. And anyone who has ever seen the movie "halfbaked" or "pinapple express" i'm sure we have some credit cards on file from buying movie tickets. Also if you listen to rap, have a tattoo, piercings anywhere other than your ear, like brownies, buy the taco 10 pack from taco bell past 11:00 PM, drive a van, is overheard listening to Bob Marley, or quoting Smokey from "Friday". These people are funding terrorists, if we don't stop them from smoking a joint the terrorists win.

Hey why not? Let's use their

Hey why not? Let's use their own arguments against them and put the crushing boot of fascism on their windpipes too!

The guys who enforce the laws have the take random drug tests, why not the guys who make the laws too?

I like the idea of drug testing anyone who has a credit card, or credit for that matter.

Hahah I know, it's insane

Hahah I know, it's insane man.

juan maldonado

Did you see how the reporter

Did you see how the reporter looked at the camera? Lol. The vet was right on! It does violate the 4th amendment and Rep. Scott Plakon didn't understand until the reporter switched it up on him and said you get tax payer money, why don't you want to pee in a cup? Because someone shouldn't have to prove themselves to there government, all drugs should be legal! I don't believe in welfare, but I don't like us forcing drug exams on people, plus it doesn't even work

juan maldonado

Yeah but we're not going to

Yeah but we're not going to see any real change until we force the politicians to live under the same tyrannical garbage we live under.

Your right, but with the

Your right, but with the signing of NDAA they've all signed there own arrest warrants right? Lol, it's just nuts and they can care less. That's a problem!

juan maldonado

high-larious clip!!

i LOVE the Daily Show!

I know lol

I know lol...

juan maldonado

The Daily Show continues to

The Daily Show continues to be the only journalism left in America. BEAUTIFUL piece. Be sure to post the link to the full clip when it's posted on the Daily Show's site!

I'm right ahead of you, here

I'm right ahead of you, here you go man. Enjoy lol http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-february-2-2012/poor-p...

juan maldonado

can you replace the clip

at the top of the thread with the direct Daily Show link? I think you'd get more views/votes up that way.

It's Too long... I just

It's Too long... I just wanted to show a certain part of the interview. Basically where he gets owned lol...

juan maldonado