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Nevada GOP Primary Results - 100%


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In a bizarre election season

One of the most bizarre phenomenon is the Newt Gingrich voter. I don't get it. Romney and Gingrich are pretty much the same policy-wise, so why not vote for the pretty-boy without the Newt baggage? Newt's cocky debate rants about the media and/or Obama were really that impressive? It seemed to me that for every debate question Newt hit out of the park, he fouled another off his foot. God bless and/or help America.

No Results Posted Yet on Ronpaul2012.com site. I Have a Feeling

they do not agree with the results and most likely have a plan, we just don't know what it is.


Votes thrown out?

I keep seeing comments about NV votes being thrown out and not counted. Is this true?


This is all going to wash out at the state convention.

The delegates to the state convention were selected locally at each precinct.

If there was fraud, it will be rectified at the state convention.

Granted we won't get the press we needed with a strong 2nd place showing, but it will all work itself out in the end.

Of course, that is assuming that we have more of an overwhelming presence than we did in 2008 and we have some supporters in high places so they can't just simply shut down the convention like they did 4 years ago.

I am optimistic about this one turning in our favor.

Regardless, if Paul feels like he has been cheated, he could always pull the third party card out and play it.

The party is at a disadvantage this go around. They know they can't win without Paul on board this time.

The last 100 years of

The last 100 years of progressivism filled our country to the brim with mindless dependent idiots. Maybe it's time to admit to ourselves that we can't save these fools from themselves and just let them go gently into that good night the way nature intended.

The worst form of cruelty is forcing an organism to live when it's destined only to suffer.

Problem is

they're taking us with them.

Wean yourself off the

Wean yourself off the economy. If all the intelligent productive people do so, the useless eaters will die off more quickly.

So we got less than 100 votes

So we got less than 100 votes more than from 2008?

obvious fraud.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

DP'ers - DON'T get upset with the "move on" sentiments...

(with respect to suspected fraud in Nevada)...to repeat...

...the SYSTEM is too far gone...so, some of us not so incensed(but not surprised) will move on with the message of Liberty, Austrian economics, quit killing our troops and using them to kill Muslim children for Israel dammit!!!, and pleading with other Americans who have 50-years of SAVINGS to get their money out of paper assets ASAP before their establishment friends force them onto government assistance, or resign all of us to go live under a bridge.

We cannot stop/re-route this train here in Nevada and start wasting too much of our efforts demanding that corruption by morally compromised, self-serving Republicans be stopped immediately - the SYSTEM is broken and run by immoral persons - we KNEW this in 2008; they are blaming Obama that things got WORSE, not looking at Ron Paul or Peter Schiff's predictions(or concrete factual assertions that this house of cards is mathematically unsustainable because the TRUTH HURTS).

This is what the REPUBLICANS have done to America since I have been born - which led to Ron Paul running for public office [ http://postimage.org/image/8qprc92o3/ ] - and NOBODY has listened to him because they are under the spell of the Federal Reserve System which is our Neo-Con, right-wing walk radio, RACIST "American Exceptionalism"; since we duped the rest of the known world to consider the credit we give people a commodity; and now we use force and murder and voter fraud to sustain it since we made ridiculous cradle-to-grave promises here at home, forgiven debts to third world countries we loaned money to, and financed a system of Hitlarian nationalistic propaganda in our universities and the media.

When things get THIS BAD, there is only ONE WAY to make a change...and "boycotts" of anything tangible or intangible(as called for in many threads) won't work as long as Federal Reserve Notes are the coin of the realm - Ron Paul's campaign uses FRN's to fund his efforts!

The "crooked bastards" will get theirs for their wrong doing - how that will come about - who will meet out severe judgment upon them remains to be seen; in the meantime we have to "move on" with the campaign in other states where crowds are still gonna show up and cheer WILDLY for Ron Paul's message!

Proving vote fraud in Iowa or Nevada will not bounce the Republi-crats from power overnight, nor put Ron Paul in the White House; we fear he would be assassinated if he won the White House by any other means of winning the Republican nomination and beating Obama in the general election.

We are all just venting some frustration here - just be thankful we're still FREE to do so, and we haven't been imprisoned for our dissent, or free speech on the internet!!! We have already boycotted the Republican Party, that is WHY Ron Paul conservatives do not run virtually ANY county executive committees in these United States; we're tired of dealing with these duped enemies of the Constitution - so we've studied their rules for this contest, and right now we are still relevant enough to irritate them and get some attention to our message!

Sadly, all those who reject us know is FRN's and the Social Security tracking number system is required so we can work and the IRS can STEAL the fruits of our labor; and until that thing is thrown off completely and ALL these criminals are imprisoned or dead, these "crooked bastards" will keep doing what "crooked bastards" do - which is selfishly pursue their own way with NO regard for the innocent, the patriotic, the selfless, or the CHILDREN they KILL, starve, and indebt!!!

We're frustrated, but, we have impacted MILLIONS and have sown seeds EVERYWHERE(all over the world even, where they are CHEERING for the restoration of America's INTEGRITY - even in Iran I'll bet you!!!); and when the fruit is born - WOW, will we be surprised as what GOOD we really did do!!!

Good statement, but I don't get how this stops fraud

' in the meantime we have to "move on" with the campaign in other states where crowds are still gonna show up and cheer WILDLY for Ron Paul's message!'

I guess I still don't get how this stops fraud anywhere else, anyone local to Nevada already had their caucus, so they can help spread the word for the general election, but they can also work on rooting out the fraud. People were cheering wildly in Nevada, too, and look what happened.

you cannot STOP fraud; especially the opportunity to commit it..

...in this CURRENT political climate...where men have been given over to the reprobate mind to deceive and be deceived that they are Christian Republicans who don't like socialism and communism(unless it suits them and protects their wealth and assets)

What rules "Christian" American(establishment Republicans) - what NO ONE will admit is ...

Jeremiah 17:9 - The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

BOTH the Christians committing the fraud, and those in DENIAL the fraud exists are blind followers of a false, felt-needs, convenient, counterfeit Christianity - and they are NOT about to let either God-less Libertarian, or fundamentalist bible-believing(DISCERNING) Christians who REJECT false, man-made, external organized religious systems that MAKE WAR(like Christian-Zionism) take over(let alone HELP) them "count the votes" or "verify the results" - they would take it to court to DELAY and BANKRUPT us first!!!

There is some more "telling it like it is" ;)

Real this EXCERPT from a speech given in 1879, regarding Republicans rigging elections during the period we call "reconstruction" after our civil war - while James Garfield was still alive and about to made President!!!



Indisputable Truth!

Wow. I am flabbergasted at your ability to tell it like it is! Awesome, just awesome. Exactly what I've been thinking, but I certainly couldn't think I could have said it any better myself.

I wish ALL average American's on the street or wherever, could handle the truth put forth in such a manner.

And yep, the Government will reap what it sows, as will we RP'ers. And I agree, even in Iran they are rooting for us.

You probably know as well as I do, that one day soon, The Federal Reserve Note Party(Democrat/Republican/Establishment) will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Cheers and thank you.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

don't shut out dissenting thought

Middleton has some good points. Closing our eyes to reality and blaming everything on "Vote fraud" isn't the answer. I caucused in Iowa and from what I know about the state, and the GOP leadership, I have no reason to think there was any concentrated effort to steal votes from RP. The pre-caucus polls in Nevada showed RP doing slightly worse than he ended up doing. I have no doubt that vote fraud may occur here and there, but for us to blame every loss on fraud makes us sound like whiners and bad losers. The fact is, most Republicans don't want Ron Paul as their nominee. It's ashame and frustrating but it's true.

It's delusional to think Paul actually beat Romney in Nevada. No pre-caucus poll suggests that would happen. The Mormons voted as a bloc for Romney. Protestants split their vote, with Paul not getting very many. He carried the non-religious vote but that wasn't a big enough sector of voters. He does great with young people, but young people mostly don't vote. It's always a narrow slice of the pie. Look at the entrance/exit polls. The enthusiasm for RP is wonderful but we have to stay grounded in reality. It's no good "visualizing Ron Paul as our president" when that's not what's going in the real world. If we want to win the nomination--which has always been a VERY UPHILL climb, considering the GOP hasn't nominated a true anti-establishment candidate since 1964--we have to face the facts as they are, not as we wish them.

I write this as omeone who's been involved in GOP politics for 35 years and with a PhD in poly sci--not that that makes me better or wiser than anyone else, but I'm looking at this differently than someone who first got involved in 2007 or 2011.




no, RP probably didn't get

no, RP probably didn't get first, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he actually got second, and second is way better then third in the media's eyes, some articles already say that he got a 'distant' third

rand paul

rand paul haters
know that rand paul is a good stepping stone for conservatives that paul cant awaken he plays to the neocons more as a bridge to his father
he is exactly like his father and i laugh when people say other wise
not to quote alex but it is an infowar
and hes doing what he and most likely his father think is the path he needs to take to get elected president, if paul doesnt.
so respect it rand is ron no matter what he says publicly that you disagree on hes obviously playing their game more than ron does rand is almost like a spy or infiltrator for ron paul

This shouldn't surprise anyone.

And especially not the campaign staff! The GOP openly expresses their disdain for Ron Paul. The corporate controlled media is only all too happy to go along with their merry little plan. This happened in 2008. This should have been anticipated and planned for. I would have served due notice at each State GOP headquarters that a legal team has been retained by Ron Paul to insist on accurate counts and reporting. Just the mere fact that you get in their face up front about it would probably stiffle the problem.

alan laney

Not investigating fraud is...

....going to cause supporters of liberty big problems for many years to come. If we lie down and say let's push on without investigating, the campaign will get extinguished and all of the efforts will be wasted. We need to put a lot of effort into exposing this fraud.

We have the greatest fighters for freedom running for president right now, this is the last chance to get back to the the constitution and sound government. If the message gets buried again during this election cycle, Liberty may be lost for decades to come, perhaps for generations to come.

The next election may be during a world war

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

i totally agree

i totally agree

I am now totally convinced...

That the whole game is rigged. Yeah! I have no proof, so what? Even if there were proof (like a fraudulent birth certificate), it would never be reported or acted upon. Or cops that murder children and only get a week suspension with pay.

Every fiber of my being screams fraud. Deep in my gut I can feel it burning. Nothing else makes any sense... Nothing. I could see that even Ron Paul sensed it during ABC's "This Week" interview. I saw it in his eyes.

Their end game is now so easy to predict that it's almost laughable. But I'm sure as hell not laughing.

Screw the GOP. I love Ron Paul, but the system is so evil and corrupt that it cannot be repaired (not even by the good doctor). It must be totally destroyed. The ignorant and apathetic people of this country need to REALLY feel the pain. But even that may not help. R.I.P. America.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

People will feel the pain,

People will feel the pain, you are right, and it will be to late. Those blind souls will be scared and hungry and angry when this country is systematically taken down and collapsed and they still won't understand what happened or why. The right left paradigm is only in place to make we the people feel as though we have a choice or an arguing [point on how our country is run. I have studied the globalist social engineering for many years and have watched them systematically take this country down one puzzle piece at a time. The hierarchy,,,those who own the central banks and basically own the world, know exactly what they are doing. They know the human animal very well and how it ticks. The human mind has been programed exactly how they want it to be through the many forms of distraction so that they could carry out their ilk upon humanity without to much resistance. It is very frustrating for those of us who are aware. It seems as though our fellow Americans want to be herded like sheep and told what they can and can't do, in my opinion, these people aren't Americans, they are communists and don't even know it. I imagine that there are enough people out there all doped up on perscription drugs and their brains rotted out with toxins in the water and food that they believe in the incumbant goverrnment. I hate being negative and I am usually not,,,It is just that I have debated and discussed issues with 1000's of people over the years and I feel as though I am still in the twilight zone. There are positive things to be said for sure,,,there are many people just starting to wake up, and of course there is Ron Paul,,,The Ghandi of America. When I ponder my thoughts on the goodness of this beautiful, small staured man with the heart, courage and soul of a lion, It reminds me of Ghandi. Ghandi … did not “lead”… he presented a concept… and the consciousness of man resonated to that concept and responded.
Ghandi was the most humble of human beings… he suffered many indignities and punishments, and eventually his body was “killed”… BUT he changed the world, and freed his people from the MOST egredious brutal oppressive regime that existed in the world, Great Britian… Mighty England .. Britania who “ruled the waves”.
He and the masses of people who “got it” and employed passive resistance, broke the back of the ruling power… in a VERY short time. Simply by refusing to pay tax, refusing to persecute their fellow men by BEING a “tax collector” or a uniformed police officer, or a clerk for any government agency, etc. etc. etc..
Dragging out Grandpa’s shotgun, or burying a cache of AK-47s is NOT going to accomplish anything except start the rivers of blood running in the streets. THAT “they” can deal with very smartly.
Electing a single man, that many believe stands for what “American used to be”, (even if he could be successfully “elected”) will NOT perceptibly “change” anything.. after a short interval of synthetic upheaval, everything is move foreward to “business as usual” with all the contrived excuses for “why nothing has turned out the way we all thought it would”.
Wake UP people.. the only solution is to snatch back your POWER… and starve the evil ones. We will win this battle. Endure. Be strong. When you lose hope, think of the battle that the good Dr has fought and is fighting. Think of Ghandi and all that he suffered for the goodness of man. This is a great site and sounding board for those downtrodden warriors who continue to fight the good fight, day in and day out. The light will overcome the darkness in time. Move forward and never look back. Keep waking people up and one day we shall all have our day in the sun :-)

When those that make Laws break them

The people in charge of this country do whatever the hell they want for one simple reason they make the laws. Whoever makes the laws is allowed to break them not saying it's right but suppose you own an island do you not think you can make and break your own laws?

Bottom line is the average American is way too ignorant to see what is happening. The powers that be will not let the Status Quo end, that should be blatantly obvious with what is happening with Greece. The reality is no matter how many people see what is happening there is not much you can do about it ;(

Is ther fraud? Probably,

Is ther fraud? Probably, always has been. I'm new here but have followed Dr Paul for some time. I live in SC and was so disappointed when Newt swept this state. I can tell you that many people here still think Dr Paul is "crazy". The Ron Paul message is getting out but there is more to do. Please stay positive and spread the word. We need to support Dr Paul as well as the state legislatures that have come forward to support him.

I believe the elections are a fraud.

No one is going to convince me that the message of freedom, liberty, and honesty is not what the American people seek right now. Everyone knows that Romney is no different than Obama, and isn't going to beat him. I do not believe that 50% of voters are falling for him. The Republican Party knows that Romney cannot beat Obama. I believe they are content with Obama; afterall, he is doing their bidding. The rest is a smoke screen. Do people really think they care about the citizenry? I think not, as that has been obvious for years. We can be certain that Ron Paul's support is far greater, and that a significant number of his votes are being spread to the other candidates, including Romney. Question is, "What can be done about it?"

Dude, I feel your pain, but know this...

Nothing is going to stop the meltdown of the good ol USA. Its in the cards. I Love Ron Paul, support him 125%. I dont get to upset about the obvious fraud. All they are doing is ripening the fruit of freedom for us. It WILL all come tumbling down regardless of who they elect. When it does, hopefully there will be someone with wisdom like Ron/Rand to form a new country from the ashes and lock in the Constitution for an age....

Ron Paul 2012!


there will be somebody like Ron/Rand??? Rand isn't even all that like Ron. There is no one on the face of this earth like Ron Paul and never will be again.

I hear that about Rand...

...but I've yet to hear the reasons why he's disliked by some Ron Paul supporters. Maybe I've just missed them.

On most issues -- certainly the major issues such as ending the Fed -- he's in lockstep with his father.

yeah, it's his stance on the

yeah, it's his stance on the TSA thing that seemed odd to me when he was interviewed with what's-his-face, Hannity I think?

I'm pretty sure we're all

I'm pretty sure we're all trying to be more like Ron Paul everyday. As each day passes, we get closer.

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and


No one man can SAVE us, and I know y ou know that, but, even though Dr Paul has, in the past, been the lone lantern of Liberty, he has lit the brush fires in all our hearts, and I believe the greatest contribution he has made is to inspire us to emmulate him. It may require the total collapse of this nation, but, Liberty and Freedom will prevail for he IS NO LONGER ALONE...I will NEVER give up!

Forever in Freedom!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Perhaps when the Nevada economy collapsed, many of those

who supported Paul in 2008 moved elsewhere.

I was surprised that support didn't show much of an increase from 2008 levels.

If there's a silver lining, Romney's percentage was down from 2008, while Paul's increased.