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Romney & Gingrich Supporting Obamacare Mandate - MSNBC, Hardball


Pass it on to those who don't know.

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Maybe this is why MSNBC viewership is up.

While having two of the three most obnoxious hosts (Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz, O'Reilly is the king), MSNBC is generally presenting the most honest (if you can call it that), albeit leftist coverage of the cable news channels.

I again predict, if Mitt Romney leads the ticket, the political bloodbath in the GOP will go down the history books along with 1932, 1948, 1958 and 1964 and will likely exceed them all.

They're only honest when it suits them

Just like the rest. In other words, we only get half of the truth most of the time. The reason they're attacking Republicans on government mandates is in order to defend Obama and Democrats on them, and not because they actually think government mandates are unconstitutional and wrong.

All the Romney endorsements

All the Romney endorsements make me sick. I hope I am wrong about this. I wonder how so many "supported" Hitler and so many "supported" Stalin, and Mussolini, and all powerful men. They chose political survival rather than what was right. They must have had a conscious and they must have ignored it out of fear. If you read between the lines De Mint did not want to endorse Romney and he did not technically do so. This was a political choice that can have terrible consequences for his soul and for the freedom of U.S. citizens. Either stand tall or run away. Do not take part in corruption. Evil only exists in this world because individuals chose to do evil. We were corrupted in the beginning by that lying twisted serpent. Ron Paul speaks friendly with Romney because I do not believe Romney is aware of what forces are using him. Paul has been hinting for Romney to change his policies. Ron says he cannot support him with those policies. Dear God, forgive us, we need your spirit to guide us because we are so confused as a nation. We need your truth. I will vote my conscious this election. I must do what I believe is right. I depend on your guidance, Amen.

Not sure I agree about Romney

My gut tells me Romney is probably a very different guy behind the scenes (a "win at almost any cost" guy, even if he has to play dirty). His exterior, however, reminds me of how I felt about Obama back in 2008 (e.g. likable, friendly) but that obviously didn't work out too well.

I still have that feeling

I still have that feeling about Obama. Paul says that Obama has a globalist philosophy. But I do not think he is aware of it either. These are politicians. In order to get to this stage they have been indoctrinated into the system. They believe that politicians are supposed to be friendly and pander. It is a culture in Washington. I speak of forces at work because politicians often get played by special interests who sell their propaganda with words like honey. The devil is the great deceiver. Deception is not obvious! If it was it would not be deception. I choose to hold fast to truth and test what I hear measure it against the Scriptures and be willing to change my beliefs accordingly. If politicians want to avoid deception they ought to spend a lot of time reading Scriptures and meditating. King Solomon asked God for wisdom. Wisdom to govern according to understanding and truth. I think Obama and Romney are not anchored in truth.

Both Obama and Romney are definitely globalists

All that means is they simply believe in global government. Both of them want to forcefully intervene in other countries around the world, and both of them will use international organizations to try to justify doing so.

As an actual bona fide

As an actual bona fide globalist, all I can say is I don't see it.


I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but it appears so.

No, he isn't joking.

That is who he is. Seriously!=(

This Must Drive Dr. Paul Nuts!

This whole discussion should not even be happening. It is none of the governments' business how I pay for my health care.

The only thing they should be doing is using the commerce clause to require states to stop denying interstate commerce to consumers who want to buy insurance out-of-state.

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This of course will ramp up

if either one of them get the nomination. All 3 of them are Obama's best chance.

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Demint supported Romneycare

in 2008 before Obama put out the same thing. Republicans in large part supported Romneycare and are just hypocritical about gov't run healthcare in order to play stupid politics to divide the country. Santorum also supported romneycare.

It doesn't matter as much if they supported in the past, as long as they spend a lot of time slamming romney on romneycare, as that is the signature product of both romney and obama - two peas in a pod. If you 'like' romney in any way, then you really do like obama/estab as well regardless if you admit it or not.

By endorsing romney, libertarians demint, lee, and others support obamacare/romneycare. if you support one, then you support the other.

The difference b/w newt/santorum and those who endorse romney with love like demint is that they have renounced both plans while romney and his endorsers/supporters continue to support gov't takeover, while talking out both sides of their mouth by pretending to complain about obamacare.


Santorum will defend that with "team sport"


If Obamacare passes

and Ron's not elected to roll this godforsaken federal juggernaut back, I don't care what anybody on this site says....I'm OUT.

You can have that f'g place - give it back to the Indians for all I care.

Mandate health insurance hurts poor and minorities most

People in good jobs usually get health insurance through their employers.

Welfare folk get tax payer paid health care.

Criminals use id theft to get someone elses health insurance.

So who would this mandate affect?

Mostly waitresses, contractors, manual laborers, etc...which are largely composed of minorities. But the neocons never bring that up...nobody brings that up.

You'd think minorities would be outraged at this extra bill every month...but they are so snowed by the dems, obama, and the media, they don't care about how this will cause lots of health insurance fines to be put on minorities...to the point more will go to jail.

As Dr. Paul says government drives up prices, lowers quality:

The Massachusetts health care plan reduced the number of uninsured to just 2.6 percent of the state’s population. However, state government spending on health care has increased 42 percent since 2006 and the program’s costs have been one-third higher than projected, according to a 2009 analysis by the National Center for Policy Analysis, a free-market think tank.

According to the NCPA, 51 percent of Massachusetts residents required to purchase insurance said they are paying more for health care, while 14 percent of those required to buy insurance said they are paying less.

Meanwhile, a survey of 15 cities found that Boston had the longest waiting time for patients to see a doctor -- double the average waiting time for the second-place city, Philadelphia.



If ever there was a tool to destroy the GOP establishment...

this is it. The campaign or a superPAC should run this in EVERY remaining state.

Good idea

Good idea

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An edited version would be good

To highlight the most important points. I don't understand why the Paul campaign is not attacking Romney more on Romneycare.

Paul has been staying at a high level regarding healthcare, and

not speaking ever specifically of obamacare or romneycare until piers morgan asked a few more detail questions about obamacare.

Paul lumps in all gov't healthcare from prescription d and brings in foreign policy of troop withdrawal to pay for the costs gov't already promised and then wean off gov't programs.

I don't know why he doesn't speak extensively and specifically about romneycare.


I was a little surprised myself, many big GOP names in video

Demint, Grassley, Graham, Hatch, Gingrich, Frist, Romney...

Though not mentioned, Santorum supported it too.

Couple that video with this and Ron Paul can decimate Romney, Gingrich and Santorum in all the remaining primaries and caucuses.

House Intel Chair: Israel Attack on Iran Would Harm U.S. National Security


Are you sure Santorum supported mandate?

In the Florida debates he was criticizing both Romney and Gingrich for their support of Obamacare mandates.

I don't think they would let him get away that if he had supported it too?

Santorum supported Medicare part D

where young folks are mandated to pay for drugs for geezers.

Just as bad, IMHO.


People who have worked for 50-60 yrs paying into ponzi schemes forced on them by the government. I am tired of older people being disrespected. People that can't see how the older people were trapped are totally blind. I suppose you consider Ron Paul a geezer as well?

Formerly rprevolutionist

Yep, we're all "victims"

As long as fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, and a central bank are running things, the real label for all of us is "victims."

As victims we should be united, we just need to realize it.

I wonder why Romney and Gingrich don't attack him back on that?

Maybe it's not seen as nearly as bad as the mandates and Obamacare by most voters?

Or maybe they both supported it too or something similar.

They're all corrupt.

Pots and kettles

Typical example of a pot calling a kettle a socialist

They will probably endorse each other in the end

It's the establishment versus the people. And Obama, Romney, Stantorum and Gingrich are definitely all establishment.