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Ron Paul - Fraud Victim in 2012

Ron Paul on vote fraud, 2008 6:23


"That is another major problem [vote fraud]. It's much bigger than I ever dreamed. Although, I've been involved, and lost elections in the past because of voter fraud. It is a major, major problem. So we can work very, very hard, and then the old saying is it's not who casts the votes, it's who counts the votes that really matters. And, that has to do with a lot of local people. You know, people in each individual states have to do some ballot security. And, it's pretty discouraging, and I think some of that has already happened, we ran into that pretty certain at least in New Orleans and possibly some other states. But, there are things that we can do, but it's going to be up to individual states to watch that as well."

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Imagine a "corporatist tool" (the ballot box) being faulty, hmmm

Voting is (MATHEMATICALLY) Abdication of Consumer-Rule and the Circumvention (by all regulatory actions + deficit spending that takes place after elections) of Consumer-Will.

When a corporation does not like the "voting" of consumers (the daily dollar vote) he has two choices: Make a better product (or somehow improve B2C) or Go to Gov't to counter consumer-will.

That's It

Leader-worship or Hero-worship is the defining "right-brain" based flaw in our evolutionary code -- not that I'm saying we shouldn't develop right-brain thinking; it just needs to be tempered with logic.

It is not logical to give one man the power of millions to make consumer-decisions and expect individualism and liberty as the outcome.

This includes Ron Paul. Because the ballot-box is still a corporatist ideological tool (since "everyone" can vote under corporatism) born from a capitalist ideological tool (only Wealth WASP men could vote for most of that period).

Ideological Tools (NEVER) serve individualism, by definition they are "organization" based and one must always ask what he can do for his organization and not what his organization can do for him

One man did not "ruin" this country and one man can't "fix it"
---Shake things up? Certainly.

There's nothing wrong with people choosing representatives

The problem is the corruption which stems from counterfeiting.

Representatives must horde power and leverage

to get re-elected.

There is (thusly) something wrong (very wrong) with people "electing" representatives.

If there were 435 RP's in office there'd be no point of Gov't -- because each one of them would never propose any form of spending, no one from their district would have benefited from spending millions to get them elected (so they wouldn't) and people would be "electing" them because they wanted to be left alone to "lord" over corporations via the market (consumer-sovereignty).

People (in reality) elect to have representatives reverse or circumvent consumer-will toward their groups benefit.

Mainly because of counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is what funds corrupt representatives and corrupt programs. End the counterfeiting and the money is in the hands of the working people, rather than being stolen from them behind their backs to fund corrupt government.

What we need is public counting of votes at precinct level

Anyone should be able to witness the count, just like the public can attend court.

If each precinct publicly counted their votes themselves and video recorded it, there would be very little opportunity for fraud.

We don't need centralized polls, nor voting machines if done by neighborhood precincts themselves. How hard is it to count a few hundred votes? Each precinct could log in and enter the votes themselves. And if recorded publicly, anyone else could verify it was entered correctly.

We are mainly defrauded as a result of centralizing control in the hands of few.

Look for fraud today.

It's a shame the campaign isn't up to the challange of calling out these GOP creeps. They're getting away with it, and laughing their asses off about how easy it is. I'd have a team of Philadelphia lawyers in each State GOP headquarters 2 days prior to each event to put them on notice that a private investigative team will be implanted at multiple events, and any guilty party, including all State GOP officials will be indicted upon the least bit of evidence of inequity. In other words, scare the hell out of them up front. But, it's too late now........the campaign didn't see it coming. They learned nothing from last election. The GOP neocons win again.

alan laney

Ron Paul in 2008

said it was up to the local people to police their voting procedures and report vote fraud. He said it was definitely a problem but it was the responsibility of the local people to make sure the votes were properly counted and tabulated.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Did you listen to what Dr. Paul said?

They will do what they can, but it's our responsibility too. The campaign needs to spend it's energy campaigning.

The people best able to pursue election fraud are local voters themselves.

Anyone not questioning fraud should read Dr. Paul's words above

Or click the link above the video to listen.

It's our right and responsibility to question and investigate anything which appears to be fraudulent.

Do not let anyone discourage you from doing so. That's exactly what fraudsters would like.

When will Dr. Paul publicly admit there is vote fraud?

He had the perfect opportunity yesterday when George S. asked him "when are you going to win?" Why beat around the bush and simply say there is a lot of confusion? He should claim vote fraud and name names. If just a handful of people in each state can essentially win the nomination for Romney or Gingrich then what good is the message? Once the establishment candidate is in, things will not change no matter how many people agree with RP's message. He must win the presidency or we are doomed.

Please Ron Paul campaign, make public accusations of fraud!!!!!! This is getting depressing.

Without solid proof...

...a candidate who loses and blames fraud for the result can easily be portrayed by the major media as a sore loser.

I think the Paul campaign must suspect fraud because the difference from the pre-caucus support and the vote result just doesn't add up. But I think the accusation should come from the voters in Nevada, not from Ron Paul himself.

Yes, complaints need to be filed by local voters

And pursued relentlessly by local voters, it's really the only way to stay on it to conclusion. The last thing the GOP is going to do is willing admit fraud, even if they were not involved personally.

The GOP is like a gang.

Does anyone see

the message

"there are things that we can do, but it's going to be up to individual states to watch that as well."

I think he is telling us that this is ultimately our responsibility. Could this be why the campaign has been so silent.

I think that's exactly what he's saying

There's only so much the campaign can do, it really is up to us to watch and count in our own local elections and states. Once the campaign is done in a state it has to move on.