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A good omen?

Among the projects we took on when we woke up in 2007 was converting a diesel to veggie fuel, and using HHO to improve mileage. It is an old Mercedes, we call her "Sadie." When we went to the RNC, we filled her up with waste veggie oil and headed out. Although we had to buy diesel along the way, we started our trip by NOT paying for gas. :)
Sadie got us there, all over St. Paul / Minneapolis and home again before she died and we did not have the money to fix her. She was the perfect analogy for ME. A tired old girl who gave it all one last time, and then collapsed, exhausted.
Well, guess who is back on the road again? She is not fully functional, but she is fired up and rolling! Oh, and the car runs again, too!

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From one tired old girl to another

Thanks! I needed something to make me smile, with all the NV crap that's going on. Would love to see a picture of Sadie.