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Pledge for America: What is Your Freedom Worth?

If you have a monthly service or a product such as a free book, album or access to an online community, I am looking to add it to a project (revealing before Super Tuesday) that puts Ron Paul in the white-house by leveraging what We the People will do for the country if Americans vote Ron Paul in November.


So what's it worth to you? Your freedom? Are you only willing to fight for it but would also offer to buy your freedom as well, if you were a slave?

I would say most here would see what I just did there.

Please be CLEAR in the post below and brief as I will be visiting each site to grab/make a graphic that will be displayed on the drive page which is FREE advertising for the donations or labor you are pledging. This will be on-going, if Ron Paul doesn't win it costs you nothing, but if he does win you must pony up whatever it is you promised in the event of a Ron Paul presidency. (Perhaps Veramin Supreme could pony up a pony.)


The GOAL - is to Pledge up to $1 billion worth of services and labor towards the rebuilding of America. Ron will be taking a massive pay cut ($39k/yr) and government will be very soon on a shoe-string budget (we hope). I believe strongly in having a volunteer government rather than a paid government as this removes the related taxation.

While Obama is spending $1 Billion for the most part stolen from the tax-payer, we will be Saving, putting $1 Billion into a restoration fund to put the people in this country on easy street in order to be an example for the world to emulate. The world will not be prosperous unless the birthplace of freedom is prosperous.

Ron Paul could constantly say: See our pledges towards America Restoration from my supporters are over $500 Million Dollars so far! These non voters better get to the polls if they want assistance from our supporters because otherwise the government is going to be broke and that means social security, food stamps and medicare will be broke too!

So please tell me how much/what you would pledge towards a Republic Restoration Fund that expresses the natural charitable function of a free and prosperous Libertarian Society called America?

Remember while pledging that you are not donating anything now - all you are doing is quantifying how much you would agree to help Ron Paul Restore America ONLY IF he is elected president in 2012.

1) Money
2) Product such as an E-book, video, or application.
3) Labor - available hours and service that you perform. (Keep it G rated please.) Special skills - value of that (be modest). Example: If you are single and have no major attachments you could pledge to work for Ron Paul for 4 years in the "Volunteer Revolutionary Guard" or something like that :) Call it $50,000 x 4 = You are pledging $200,000.

There will be a running total updated regularly after moderated results are okay'd by the webmaster (for those jokesters pledge million dollar hot dogs).