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Generational warfare and the Revolution

It is now a prominent trend that older people do not vote for Paul. There are a couple of reasons that are discussed, like the difference in channels of information tv vs the internet, and they all have merit.

But the one big issue is generational warfare. Actually many people know why young people are more open to the revolution but it si often missed why older people resist.

Today most of the wealth is in the hands of elderly. The young either have no money, or worse they owe a lot.

The US Federal government owes approximately 15 trillion dollars. Around 12 trillion is held nationally, mostly by retirement funds. This is the part Keynesians call "we owe to ourselves". Of course that is not the case. More correctly that is the money "the young owe to the old".

On top of this debt tied to bonds, there is another debt that is not represented in bonds thus not in the books, called government obligations. Like social security, medicare and medicaid. There a lot of numbers thrown around but lets say conservatively it is 30 trillion. This is also the debt the old have claim to because they are the ones that going to collect retirement checks and use health services. And the young supposed to pay through taxes.

So today, there are two choices.

One is to maintain the status quo, where the old already have the wealth, have a claim to most of the debt tied to bonds, and also have claims to the federal obligations. Also keep in mind, the old know they don't have too much to live so they would prefer the status quo since radical change would be uncomfortable for them.

The other is have radical change, where the young have at least a chance to escape being debt slaves.

Of course without introducing the reality into the situation, it seems to be in a stale mate. It seems there is no way to satisfy both generations. And from mostly the ignorant point of view of the elderly, they are acting rational.

But the reality is, that whatever is on the books those debts will not paid to the elderly. Not the bonds and not the entitlements. This wont happen because people, mostly young people, will rebel. And not only the ones aware today. Those young people are already a part of the revolution. The others will rebel too.

So in order for the Paul revolution to attract older people, the most important thing to do is to force the elderly to recognize the reality that the wealth they think they have is not there. They spent it running the welfare/warfare state and another generation will not pay the price. It must be a kind of a haircut bond holders have to take because they realize indebted can not pay. Of course this must an intellectual reckoning of a haircut.

For this to happen the economy must suffer more, since people react to what they see with their own eyes rather than lecture. But that is not enough. There has to be a movement that is ready to seize the day and tell people what is going on. Convince them there is only one option and that is shrink the government and take the bitter medicine.

Only then, Paul revolution may attack older people more and more. So don't give up, and use this campaign to grow the movement. Every vote that is cast for people other than Paul is wasted, because those votes represent those power hungry individuals. Even if they win the Republican nomination they will never beat Obama. But every vote given to Paul grows the movement, whether he wins a state, or the nomination. If it wasn't for the effort of the 2008 campaign today the movement wouldn't be where it is today, and 4 years from now on the movement will sure be bigger.

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