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New York Times feature article on Paul


"Now, with a solid third-place showing in Nevada and ardent grass-roots support expected to help him in caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota, Mr. Paul is likely to command greater attention for his inimitable mix of doom-saying and doses of folksy, homespun humor. But to Mr. Paul, his candidacy is just another step in a lifelong quest “to find the plain truth of things.”

“I like to think that’s what I do,” he said in an interview. “Imperfectly — but most people don’t even care. Do you listen to these debates? Are they seeking the plain truth of things? I think that’s why people sense I’m somewhat different."

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Good article.

Thanks for sharing.

Its funny.....

but I see this as a slight on RP. Statements like how experts agree austrian econ doesnt work etc etc. At least its better than 99% of the hit pieces out there.