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Can we organize people in each precinct to capture real votes?

There has to be something we can do to organize people in each of the upcoming caucus precincts to capture the real vote totals and upload them somewhere here on DP so that we know the real vote count before the central tabulation mangles the vote counts to suppress Ron Paul.

We are so good at organizing other things, why can't we do this? After Nevada, I think this is the most important thing to be doing so that we can capture hard evidence of fraud to present to the world via Drudge or something.


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I came up with a way to

I came up with a way to verify the votes in my own precinct. I have a programmable voicemail system that will also do robo calling, polling, etc. Very flexible. I am going to hand deliver a note to every registered republican in my precinct. It will have an explanation about the vote fraud, that they can help by anonymously reporting their vote, and my phone number with menu instructions. All they need to do is call the number, press #1 if they voted for Ron Paul and hang up. I can program the system to tally all the calls received. Then I will compare that to the actual precinct level votes I received from the SOE.

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The problem is that only Ron

The problem is that only Ron Paul supporters would bother to call you back.

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Don't they count the votes at caucuses in front of the people?

... If they do, then simply video the vote counting and each precinct would do the job I would think.

You mean it would do as to ease your mind to watch a video

that really doesn't get the actual vote?

Ever seen them count the ballots? It's not always one person but a group of people. How will you know what's on every piece of paper?

Setting up a table at each event and asking RP people to "sign in" will be the most accurate take. Anything less than that will give inferior results.

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Whatever works, i'm all for it ...

... I just feel we need to formally organize something on election days so everybody has a place to refer to to see the real vote counts.


Either on their way in or exit polling seems the most effective way of capturing the real numbers.

RANDOM VIDEO recordings all day/night long--shift work

At each precinct would do it~~depending on how long their video cameras go for

They would be first in line to vote & out the door.

Position themselves AT THE ENTRANCE, and VIDEO RECORD every single person filing in, OR as they exit, preferably as they go in.

Get a VIDEO VISUAL~~tell them you are "VIDEO VERIFYING" FOR THE CAMPAIGNS, and you need to know WHO they are voting for?? When they answer, immediately ask them their name and get their phone number~~~ALL recorded.

Then, go on to the next person. You could get thousands of people, if you are organized and the BIG PRECINCTS are the MOST IMPORTANT, because that is where the fraud will occur.

You can also strategize if you are short people, and infiltrate the most heavily supported RP precincts, OR infiltrate in a random way, so that the GOP doesn't know where you will target. That is probably the MOST critical--targeting random areas.