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The Function of a Constitutional Republic as I Understanding it

First, what is a Constitutional Republic? It is a “body politic” created by a group of people to define how those people will govern themselves. This particular form of government is based on the common assumption or belief that the rights of the individuals are to be protected over and above the rights of the group; this means any group not just a majority, including government.

Our particular Constitutional Republic was created by the representatives of a group of colonies which banded together for the common defense and protection of those colonies. As in any organization of individuals, a contract or compact, if you will, was developed to define this organization of colonies into a union of States. Over time many other States were created and then joined this union of States to become today’s united States of America. All basic stuff understood by most everyone.

The significance of this process shows that the States through the representatives of the people created the Federal or National government. In this creation, the representative of the people “pounded out” a contract; a Constitution and shortly thereafter a Bill of Rights defining the rights, obligations, limitations, and organization of this new government.

The genius of these documents were not so much that they spelled out certain rights reserved to the people or to the States, it was the delicate balance of limited power to the governing bodies of the people. The Federal government was designed with the separation of powers to the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches as checks and limitations to the federal powers. The State powers were limited by the mandate of the national Constitution and Bill of Rights to prevent the States from infringing on the rights of the people.

It was never intended that the Federal government would ever have direct access to or control over the people. The Federal government only has one function regarding the individual and that obligation was to protect the rights of the individual from encroachment by the State or any other group that would attack those rights. The Bill of Rights did not grant the rights of the individual. It only enumerated some of those rights that the Federal Constitutional and State governments were to protect.

It was never intended that the National government could “reach over” the States to directly impact the individual. Amendments such as the 14th and 16th amendments which allowed such actions were against the spirit and intent of the Constitution. The same criteria apply to federal income taxes and that is one of the reasons a personal income tax on an individual’s labor is unconstitutional. Not just because you have an unalienable right to your own property, but also because the Bill of Rights is an obligation of the State to protect individual property rights and your personal labor is your property.

In a truly free Republic, there can be only one crime and that is the crime of aggression in all of its forms. There can be no crime where an organization or government is the victim. These entities are not human beings and can not be victims, only individuals can be victims of a crime. The States are to protect the rights of the individual against other individuals and the Federal government; the Federal government was to protect the rights of the individual from the State. When any government body, State or Federal, infringes on the rights of the individual, that government body must be brought into check. That’s what it means to be governed within the framework of a Constitutional Republic.

One only needs to stop for a minute and think. Is this the government our founders created and envisioned for us? If not, then it is up to us the people to correct this injustice by peaceful revolution while we still have that option. The alternative is unthinkable. A vote for Ron Paul is a step in the right direction.

Best Regards,

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Very well put!

Very well put!
"It's time to Stop Being a good Democrat. Stop Being a good Republican. And Start Being a Good American." Aaron Russo
Napolitano - Unconstitutional Patriot Act
You NEED to know about The Carlyle Group. And why the war.
Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of America’s democracy.
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In honor of grandparents

The 6th anniversary of the september 11th attacks has passed, on this day over 3,000 were killed; as a result more than 4,000 soldiers and over 70,000 civilians have died going after those who supposively made the attack. So although this anniversary is celebrated by some, it is regretted by many.
On reflection of this day i would like to remember my grandparents, who
lived in a small city called bad axe, in the state of michigan. They were
simple folks, who although i fail to measure up, i admire their values.
My grandfather, "Earl Sylvester Jurges" was a freemason, his wife "Hazel
Margaret Matthews", was an eastern star. While they were alive, i took very
little interest in the masonic organization, but upon the death of my
grandmother, "Hazel", i sought to study about the traditions of the masons,
without taking an oath. What i discovered is fascinating, without going into
great detail, let me just outline that masonry is a mixture of all kinds of
interesting stories, numerology, astrology and gnostic beliefs, all of which
can be found in the bible. So in honor of those who do not pervert the ways
of masonry, i write the following letter;

"Existem homens que apenas pensam: outros trabalham e outros realizam".

"Os que apenas pensam não resolvem os graves problemas
pelos quais o mundo atravessa. Os que apenas trabalham pouco resolvem,
porque às vezes o trabalho não resulta na obtenção dos planos idealizados.
Porém, os que realizam, estes sim, cumprem a sua função social, de dar um pouco de si em prol da Comunidade a que pertencem".

"There are some men who only dream; others work and others achieve".

"Those who only dream do not resolve the serious problems
which confront the world. Those who only work resolve very little, because
sometimes the work doesn't result in obtaining what the plans had
idealized. While, those who achieve, these for sure, fulfill their social
function, by giving a little piece of themselves back to the community, for
which they are a part".

There are a lot of details and information in the ways of the masons which many people hold secret; let me just say that, as a "cowan" (an outsider), i know as much as "any" mason, but this is not important, since it isn't the
secrets that have power or purpose; it is what is done with them. Like any
tool, they can be used to build or they can be used to tear down.
Aside from the tools of a mason, freemasonry uses a lot of allegory and terms referring to architecture. And as is the case with any group, church or
organization; each group or lodge is only as good as the people comprised
within it. And for this reason freemasons can be swayed by the ways of either a good master/teacher or bad master/teacher.
To give an idea of the influence of freemasonry, it is found in the four corners of the world, the united states, britain, russia, cuba, china, brazil; in fact it is hard to find a country where masons do not meet and operate. In addition to countries, masonry is pro dominate in religion and most commonly practiced by christians, jews and muslims, but not restricted to only these three, since members come from all religious backgrounds, and as some say, masonry can be traced as far back as babylonian sun worshipers. As the bible teaches us the babylonians misused the tools of masonry, by trying to build a tower to their god, and we know what happened then.
Over the years there has grown a great fear of masonry, and this is not a
"just" treatment for innocent members; those who use the methods of
masonry to better themselves and the society in which they live.
Because of the wide influence of masonry many conspiracy theories have
arisen, included among these is the warning of a new world order run by
freemasons through globolization. And although it may be true that some do pervert and abuse the methods of freemasonry, it isn't the real purpose of
freemasonry and should be stopped by those who uphold the true purpose of freemasonry.
The fear perceived by many is not of the tools of freemasonry, since numbers and symbols have no real power, or do masonic secrets, but the fear is of the blatant use by some who abuse masonry to establish a centralized authority.
One example of this is the federal reserve bank, which is the privately owned bank in charge of the u.s. monetary system; and as many believe, they have perverted the ways of freemasonry for their own benefit.
The federal reserve bank, with the presidential order of f.d.r. in 1933, began to use masonic symbols, such as a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill and other notable masonic symbols on their bills. For some, myself included, by doing so, these international bankers have exploited and perverted the true nature of freemasonry.
For an example of the true nature of freemasonry, it is necessary to
demonstrate a true and good masonic piece of work by some of it's more
famous members, a piece of work which was based on good architecture; and we need look no further than the plans of the founding fathers of the united "states" of america; and "the constitution".
After declaring independence from england, the founding fathers of the
united "states" of america wrote a constitution. The purpose of the
constitution was to provide a blueprint for building a new nation, and
included in the constitution was a bill of rights, these rights were established to protect the people from government, rights of which the government could not take away. The purpose of the constitution was to establish the rule of law, since they did not want a pure democracy. As benjamin franklin was careful to point out, a pure democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting on what they will have for lunch. With a constitution, and a bill of rights, the lamb is protected.
The constitution of the united "states" of america, was based on masonic
ideals, using the tools of freemasonry to build a new nation, the same tools used by the english, but a new plan, based on good architecture and with a new blueprint; the writers of the constitution tore up the old blueprint, which supported the tyrannical rule of england. It is important to point out that same tools of freemasonry were used by those to establish the old soviet union, but as we know their project collapsed! So regardless of the tools, what is more important are the goals and plans.
With the constitution and it's bill of rights, the founders laid the foundation
and their purpose was to liberate people from a centralized government run
by a king. With the constitution, they established a rule of law from which to build and control the government. The founding fathers sought to provide a new and different kind of blueprint for building a nation, a blueprint based on good architecture, a nation which would be built upon the solid rock of
people, not a king, and so it was upon the people they laid their foundation.
People were to have liberty, liberty which is given to us by a Creator; not
liberty without responsibility, but liberty based on the principles of the rule of law, the constitution. No longer were the people to look to a king to fulfill
their needs, they were going to have to divide the tasks, build a nation and be responsible for it.
And so, with the basic tenets of the constitution written down, the founding
fathers began to lead and educate people, of course this would not happen by the wave of a wand, but brick by brick they hoped to teach the people, so that each would have a part in the nation, so that their dream would be executed and some day achieved. I guess it can be said, they wanted to build a pyramid and the people would be it's base.
Today, over 231 years later after the declaration, where do we find ourselves? The constitution is there in a marvelous glass case, worshiped by some, followed by few and ignored by many. To look at our nation today, it is difficult to recognize what the founders had in mind. No longer are people to take personal responsibility, the government assumes it for them. Instead of independent "statehood", the federal government takes more and more control. No longer are people protected by the 2nd amendment, the government is there to protect them. No longer are people able to receive their wages in real currency, gold or silver, the government has handed control of currency over to a few, with a private federal reserve, those who can print what they need on paper, or more recently, just add another digit into a computer; and then lend taxpayer's money back to the people with interest! Liberty has been replaced by slavery, we need look no further than the income tax. No longer are we building a pyramid with the people at it's base; rather the pyramid has been inverted with the capstone at the bottom. A capstone, in this case symbolizes a centralized government, trying to balance a monstrous construction on a flimsy foundation.
Original plans have been replaced by new architecture, a project which
perverts the constitution and the ideals of freemasonry. And this has lead
many workers to turn away from foremen and honest ways of measuring.
Time will tell what will happen, but one thing is certain, the founders were
able to get rid of the worldly kingdom and it's centralized government, but
the institution of centralized government has been reconstructed, only thing missing is a king.
It is time for americans to read the constitution and return to the blueprint of it's designers and good architecture. Failing to do so, does little to progress the ideals of the founding fathers of the united "states" of america, nor the often preached ideals of freemasonry. For this reason many have turned away from both. There are tools to fix things, many know how to use these tools, but to dream about it, won't achieve it.
In the ways of freemasonry, there are different kinds of architecture, some
don't want to admit it, and/or because of an oath of secrecy, the bad acts of perverted masons are protected; this, in my opinion, is a weakness of
freemasonry, and has lead some to exploit this weakness.
Personally I have no desire to become a mason, but in honor of my grandparents, who by their good example were pillars in their community, i pray that honest masons use their God given talents, bestowed upon them by our Father, follow the plans of a good architect, "Trust in God" and help us build a solid republic.

And for those who are asleep. Wake up!!