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Romney will NOT win Missouri tomorrow - HuffPo Update

With Gingrich not on the Missouri ballot, You will see the first state to gang up on Mitt.

Santorum, Paul and Romney will be on the ballot along with Perry and Bachmann both of whom have quit long ago.

It looks like there will be very few voters tomorrow if projections are correct, because the news outlets have been saying the primary doesn't count.

So you will mainly have a small group of old people come out (they have the time) and vote for Santorum, who us the only one advertising. But....you will also have the Paul supporters come out because we are dedicated. I'm thinking the majority of Newt people will go for Santorum, some to Paul.

There might be a good showing for Paul if we show up to vote.

HuffPo Update:


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Caucus is what matters

It would be good to win the primary, but it is the Missouri Caucus that truly matters.

MO people, PLEASE show up to vote!

We need a shot in the arm.
I don't care if the beauty contest isn't the main thing. Right now, any kind of boost is important for morale, and keeping forward momentum.

PLEASE get out the vote!

Grinch will probably

take MO with 35% - that is my prediction. I have little faith in votes being counted correctly in any state at this point.

Gingrich is not on the ballot

Newt will get zero votes in Missouri tomorrow

I know he is not on the ballot

that is why I predict he will only be credited with 35% instead of 55%.

Makes Sense

Sounds about right ;)

make sure we get Paul supporters out tomorrow

facebook twitter, etc.

Let's not let them think they can skip this vote for the caucus.