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Happy Frustrating Birthday, Ronald Reagan.

Here's a DP post from ancient times, featuring a video which has apparently been removed by the user. WHY!??? Sigh.


Anyway, I can't find it, I want it, and I think I'm going to fail to find it again, but I must try, especially today. I wish someone else had duplicated it, but I suppose nobody guessed it would ever be removed. Oh well. Any help at all appreciated.

And I'm still looking for the RP person from Nevada for precinct 7730, so feel free to post that if you can, too.

And I hope all of FL's signs went north or are going!!

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precinct 7730 - Nevada

Even if I don't get the Reagan gold commercial, I'd really like to get in touch with the Ron Paul person from this district. If anyone in Nevada can help, that would be great. I suspect something may have gone on in precinct 7730 but it's impossible for me to say from Florida. Thanks in advance for any help.

It would be very good for the campaign if "we" found this

Today! :) Fake "conservatives" are celebrating the birthday all day, so there are hours left. Might ANYONE have archived it? I know I watched it a few times 4 years ago, but little did I know it would be vanishing off the interwebz. :(