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More RP Supporters Not Showing Up to Vote Than We Think?

I am beginning to believe
there are a whole lot more RP supporters than we think that are not showing up at these caucuses and primaries to vote.

In 2012 There are 1.3 million registered voters in NV -

65,576 Independents,
8,517 Libertarians,
471,292 Republicans,
566,360 Dems.
222,179 Non Partisan

We received 6,175 votes at the caucuses...

That is .46% of the Nevada vote. Less than half of one percent. Not the average 10-15% that Ron polls at.

Even if there was 20,000 votes worth of fraud, and our number should have been 26,175 it is still only 2% of the Nevada vote. If he polls at 10% say - there could have been up to 130,000 votes for RP.

You mean to tell me there are only 6000 RP supporters in NV out of 1.3 million?

EDIT: Combine this information with the lack of young people in the video footage of the MO, MN, and CO caucuses as well, and it begins to add up even more so.

I think I just busted a whole lot of people.

I guess the next question would be: "What was your excuse?" ?

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Hear Hear!!!

Bravo my friend, Bravo! You have hit the nail on the head. I have been trying to tell other RP supporters that our problem isn't (atleast mainly fraud) it's lack of participation!

Nevada really fucked us. With them changing the locations and dates / normal times of the Caucus's - ALOT - of voters (not just RP voters) couldn't and didn't vote.


Let me re-emphasize - ***UNIVERSITIES*** are so crucial for us and this campaign. We have to get these guys involved!

I know that of all the things

I know that of all the things I can do, voting is the single most important.
How can you be a supporter if you dont actually go vote for the person?
How can you spend all this time on the internet, at sign waving events, at campaign rallys, etc etc and then not show up for the single event which all that was leading up to?
This is a one time thing. Something that wont even take an hour or two out of years.(in most cases)
Doing all this and then not voting is exactly like taking a class and then not showing up for the final test that counts as 40% of your grade. Doing all the stuff you needed to for the class was nice, but why bother if you arnt going to do the final thing required?
This strikes me as exactly like how people say they support the troops with stickers etc, and then ignore what they are saying.
I know one thing, as long as I have transportation, I will certainly be at my voting location. If it isnt raining, I will even think of standing nearby with a sign that says "Dont vote for the draft dodger Romney, vote for Ron Paul who served!" I happen to be in Va right near the military bases.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Libertarians have been taught to believe

that they should not engage in collective action.

But the true conflict is not individualism vs collectivism. It is globalism vs localism.

The 10th Amendment should be our guiding motto.

Vote fraud coupled with the

Vote fraud coupled with the media only showing us caucus and primary sites that are void of young people.

I'd put more money on shady dealings causing this, than RP supporters not living up to the cause.

Perhaps there is a contingent that is failing to vote but it isn't nearly as much as the PTB would like us to think.

Trolls all over the boards now. Be wary.

RP is dangerous, so dangerous


This is true. There is no getting around it. Only 20% of my RP supporters showed up to my Iowa caucus. Thankfully he still won my precinct but still... it was sad.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

at least one person on dp didn't vote

he even started a thread to bring it up himself and make excuses for it

hate people who get cold feet last minute

What's the thread called?

What's the thread called?

Raleigh, NC

Dumb $hit that Paul supporters do...

stay at home on caucus day

Without reliable figures

which we can count, and count on, then no meaningful conclusion can be drawn.

And I am not satisfied that the counts can be counted on, so we cannot really know exactly where the voting deficiency lies, or if there even is a voting deficiency.
It could be all fraud, or all voting deficiency, or infinite combinations of both together.

That's one of the really sad things about this, because with unreliable numbers, we can't even really assess what's going on, in order to improve.

No way you're going to convince me that 15,000 people didn't

show up. I don't expect every single person but there should have been an increase in his polling.. Haven't you people seen the chart that showed his to date polling comparison?

Really? You're willing to buy that he didn't gain any extra support in that state? Sorry, it just doesn't make good sense.

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Mine is, I am not a US citizen :-)

If I may add my 2 ct. from the other side of the pool, I would think that big problem here are closed caucuses where only GOP members can participate. Young people most of the time would like to participate, but miss the deadline for registration. That thing happened to some of my friends in Denver. They did not know when the caucus is, much less that you need to register as a Republican in advance.

It would make sense to campaign for a RP registration among young voters for close caucuses which will take place in April to June. Starting now (gotta miss some super Tuesday states). Just an idea. Maybe that way you can actually bring new voters in.

My cousin is in his early 20s

My cousin is in his early 20s and is a Democrat Minnesota voter. He told me months ago he would vote for Paul and yesterday said he would go but if there was a long line he wouldn't bother. Well caucuses require a lot of time and no Democrat is going to find it worth the effort if he's going to vote for Obama anyway.

So yes maybe our base is really passionate and will walk through 6 inches of snow to caucus for Paul but maybe the rest of them are just as indifferent as everyone else.

Raleigh, NC

bigmikedude's picture

You're probably correct on that Erik

I'm sure party registration probably is a large part of it at least.


Maybe NV GOP had Criss Angel, and Carrot Top performing in Ron Paul leaning counties until the closing of caucus?
Or the slots were hot. :)


precisely. This is what happened in Iowa. Only 20% of RP supporters showed at my precinct.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

This makes sense

It is tempting to think that we can blame the media or the GOP for everything, but how many of us have phone-banked today? It makes more sense to think that RP supporters are too discouraged or whatever to get out there and vote. It takes a lot of energy to be an RP supporter, what with fighting against the system and all. So I'll pray for the RP supporters. We need encouragement just as much as anyone.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

All's for naught if you don't finish with a vote

Voting is the easiest thing a supporter can do and it's the only thing that counts.

You can run up and down the field in a football game, have the best cheerleaders and have the best signs in the stands but if you don't bother to cross the goal line and score some points, it's all for nothing. You might have well done nothing.

It's not that hard. Just show up and vote. If you can show up to a rally, you can show up to vote.

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for the edit/ link add

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thanks for the thread, bigmike ... :)
bumping for discussion with the other forum:

We DEFINITELY had more supporters than who showed up.

Submitted by FBI_Exposer Ω™ on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 12:01.

I'm sorry but people in our movement sometimes do not understand the power of 1 and that, yes, you have to go outside your comfort zone to participate.

There were also NV LPers and NV IAPers who are STRONG Dr. Paul supporters who, had they shown up, would have put us into a strong second. But their "principles" kept them from registering Republican in order to participate.

Also, as someone mentioned below, some of our people didn't show because they were "annoyed" they got so many phone calls about it.

So, the missing 500 some votes for 2nd place are right in the mirror, not in dumped ballots or fraud.

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Makes sense

Some of this would tie right into what I posted above.



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