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Operation Record Your Absentee Ballot

I have a dream. All RP supporters vote by absentee ballot. Take a picture/video of it. Post it somewhere agreed on.

Most precincts just require that you'll be out of town that day in order to qualify to get an absentee ballot. Not perfect. But would be very cool if organized properly.

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If we could get the campaign to organize this,

That'd be awesome. They've got all the email addresses. On one hand it doesn't seem realistic to get all onboard, but then again, those who are smart enough to vote for RP are smart enough to appreciate how necessary this is.

In California Anyone Can Vote Absentee-No Reason Needed, in fact

you can request to be a permanent absentee voter. I have been voting absentee for years as it is very convenient especially if you have to work.

PS I will take a phone photo of my ballot and my mom's before dropping it off at the polls.


If only this were posted friday...

I sent my AZ ballot in with a Ron Paul vote already.

Did you know that there are 23 people on the ballot for the republican primary here? It's crazy!

This is a vewry good idea

many like me are FORCED to vote absentee. If we were all Republicans, it would make it even easier.

You don't need to be out of town

We do absentee ballots here in AZ. Everyone could do it. I guess you can't with a caucus but you can anything else. And taking a picture of it would help. Scanning it and saving it might help. I don't know. This thing is so rigged it is truly discouraging.


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