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Colorado, Minnesota Caucus, Missouri Primary - Results Open Thread

Please post your news, observations, and insights in the comments below.

Election Results:

See the full GOP primary schedule. This is it until February 28, when Arizona and Michigan hold their primaries.

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the old switcheroo, interesting !!!!


"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Whatever happened to Minnesota??

I thought i remember the campaign saying they were going to get around 75% of the delegates in MN...True/false? any new info or status from Minnesota?

So far we have 83% of all

So far we have 83% of all awarded delegates. So we're on the right track.


Still could!

Minnesota's delegates aren't bound to the county or BPU (Basic Political Unit) results, and there was no primary. Only once the state-level convention is over will we know the true delegation Minnesota will send to the National Convention.

Patience, young padawan :)

Just got back from my Colorado County Caucus (March 24)

Everything went very smoothly and all Roberts Rules of Order were followed to a tee. Not a lot of Ron Paul supporters in this heavily Democrat area, but...

I was chosen as a delegate to BOTH the District and the State conventions coming up April 13-14, and there were 3-5 other RP supporters who were also selected. We had to remain pretty much "undeclared" to make it in this particular setting.

Hopefully we will hear from other Coloradans soon.

This article is funny. Thinks Ron Paul supporters are cheaters.

Santorum upsets the status quo while Paul supporters upset the caucus


These are the disappointing facts:

Ron Paul came in 3rd in IA despite polling neck and neck with Romney for 1st place in the last week before the caucus.

Ron Paul was hoping for a 3rd place finish but came in last in SC and FL despite endorsements from SC senators and FL independent newspaper and veterans.

Ron Paul placed 3rd behind Gingrich in NV despite heavily campaigning there and coming in 2nd in 2008 while expecting a strong 2nd in 2012. Voter turnout was even more disappointing (where were the Paul supporters?!)


Ron Paul was expecting an upset win in MN but placed 2nd by a wide margin to Santorum's 1st place finish. He also campaigned here the most than any candidate.

Ron Paul fizzles as he placed last in MO and CO. The endorsement by Colorado Tea Party had no effect. And despite the growing interest and awareness in Ron Paul's Libertarian ideals, he actually garnered less votes than his 2008 campaign.

So why is Santorum beating Paul in his own ground game? Is he more organized and have more hardcore supporters than Paul? Should Paul start pandering to the one-issue-voting social conservatives as Santorum has done by using religion as the core of his campaign?

Why is Ron Paul winning the straw polls but when it comes to actual votes where it counts, he falls far short? Losing to Santorum in 3 out of the last 4 campaigns while falling behind Gingrich, whose campaign is unraveling, in NV and CO. Where are these ardent supporters? Why would Paul lose in precincts where he is supposed to have the most number of people actually attending to vote (oh so we thought) sometimes even losing by a few votes shy of winning?

My precint story- Colorado

This was my second go round in my precinct and here's how it went.
We have about 250 registered R in our precinct and 38 showed up. Bob R is a true patriot and RP supporter. Bob had put together a delegate slate of pro RP supporters (3 delegates plus 3 alternates including my wife and myself) Bob worked the call list for weeks trying to get people to come out and support our slate. He got about 40 people to say yes but we only had about 13 show up. We were very up front that we were Ron Paul supporters.
Straw Poll Results:
RP- 13
MR- 11
RS- 11
NG- 2

So far so good.

Up next was the delegate election. Bob nominated our RP slate. Then a total of 5 other people put their name in as delegate candidates. The precinct leader said to only vote for 3 candidates. Bob questioned this and said he thought we were to write in 6 names. The precinct leader stood her ground and said only 3 so we all wrote down three names. In the meantime Bob called the county chair and confirmed that in fact we were supposed to write 6 names on the ballot. The old ballots were ripped up and new ballots were passed out (a little hap-hazardly) and we submitted new ballots with up to 6 names.

Well the results were not so good. I got none of the 3 delegates and only Bob was nominated as an alternate. We think that one of the candidates for our slate was a mole for the pro-establishment party loyals and the fact we declared our support for RP allowed the other 25 people to vote against our block. It was a frustrating night, especially for Bob. Bob was discouraged after working so hard and only ending up with 1 alternate slot out of 6!

I share this in hopes that at future caucus sites RP supporters may need to consider a different approach than the one we took. I think in our neighborhood the approach of being out in the open allowed the party people an opportunity to put together a plan to thwart our efforts.

Hostile Majority

We were facing a hostile majority (25 non-RP vs 13 RP voters) electing 3 delegates and 3 alternates to County. When the precinct leader mistakenly said we could each vote for just 3 names instead of 6, if we had done it that way it would have given the non-RP majority the 3 delegate spots. But then they would have been out of votes, and we would have applied our 13 votes and gotten all 3 alternate spots. Instead, with each voter voting for up to 6, the non-RP folks voted for all 5 of their nominees, which left only 1 alternate slot for a RP nominee.

You should talk about ideas,

You should talk about ideas, and not people. That is what really matter. I wore a nice suit, shook a lot of hands, took the time to tie a double Windsor, volunteered to be teller, and I am now a County, District and State Delegate.

My Colorado experience last

My Colorado experience last night. So I just moved to the Denver area a few months back and I just thought about 2 weeks ago to change my address to my new one so I could vote here. The GOP website said you must change it 30 days prior to participate in your local precinct. I still went ahead and changed my address with the state being I just moved across state and was still registered republican. So I go back into the GOP website about a week ago and I am showing up as being eligible for my local precinct, and of course pre registered.

Last night I showed up to my caucus location and found my precinct. There were probably close to 500 people at the caucus and 13 or so in my precinct. I proceed to sign in and about half way through the process I was looking through the list of people eligible to participate in this precinct and I was not one of them, but I just went with it. I wasn't not going to vote for Ron Paul at this point. We listened to the speakers, which the Ron Paul guy did awesome, and then our group proceeded to vote. I was a talleyer and our first final count had;
5 RS
4 MR
2 RP

Suddenly another couple shows up, they vote, new count;
5 RS
4 MR
4 RP... I'm glad they showed up.

We turned in our votes for the caucus and finished our paperwork. NO ONE wanted to be a delegate. So the other Ron Paul supporter, and I stepped up and volunteered and pledged Ron Paul, and no one disagreed with this.

Our final total at our caucus was-
214 MR
147 RP... yay second!!
118 RS

Another thing is where do you find how many votes for each caucus location.. because if you go to the map and look at Denver County, Ron Paul got 5 hundred and some votes. Now to me Denver County is pretty big and so if my caucus location got Ron 147 votes then how many caucus locations were there in Denver County? I would really like to check these totals.


I wasn't able to get enough ppl to our caucus to win the straw poll, I organized for the last three months enough so that ALL of our delegates are solid Ron Paulers :-) and delegates r what count!!!!!

Ron Paul will win it all!!


If I had an extra $ million I'd send it your way..

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Voter fraud is the problem


the world is watching and is pulling for the good Doctor. Please watch the above video and do something about it. I live in Canada and I am outraged by this. If you want real change, you need to attack the main problem which is voter fraud. My gut tells me that Ron Paul won Iowa and Nevada and did much better in SC and NH than the "results" show.

The solution for the general vote in November is


I posted this earlier.

Can anyone tell me if he should have allowed me to view the tally sheet?


My Colorado caucus experience...

So, I get to the elementary school I’m supposed to vote at and I’m about to sit down when I notice that it’s a children’s play, so I walk around looking for the correct room. I see a sign that says the caucus location has changed to a middle school, so I rush over there and find out that I’m not on either of the precinct’s lists there.

They tell me to drive a few miles away to a church. I get there at 7:10, but they still allow me to vote. Everyone in my precinct had the same issue.

This location had 10 precincts there. Probably 250-300 people. My precinct only had 18 people. We asked the county chairman or whatever to give us our results of just our precinct. He said:

8 Romney
7 Santorum
2 Gingrich
1 Paul

But after he said that, a woman pointed to her husband and joked “We know who voted for Paul.” He didn’t say anything or even change his expression, so I don’t know if he really did or not… But I hope he didn’t because I DID. So if he voted for him too, he should have more votes.

Anyway, the county chairman added up the votes of all the precincts. He read out the totals and I asked if I could take a picture of the tally sheet with my cell phone. He said “No, nice idea, but no. I can’t let you because of the… tallies and stuff, but I’ll tell you the totals.” He wouldn’t even let me look at the sheet. I wasn’t sure what my rights were, so I didn’t demand to see the sheet.

With all ten precincts totaled, Ron Paul came in a distant 4th with 37 votes.

Why the secrecy on the

Why the secrecy on the chairman’s part? – I don’t think any RP supporter minds if RP loses, as long as it is fair – then we know we have more work to do. But, this constant harassment to verify the true vote count is difficult to accept. I know they counted our votes in secret after we protested in 2008 - it is going to be tougher then we thought to verify the vote count with a camera phone or video recorder.

My experience at Colorado Caucus...

I never revealed I was a RP person. I got on cologop.org and regisiter earlier which gave me the correct (printed out copy) location. I showed up early (6:15PM). I volunteered to hand out and tally up the votes with another volunteer. I also volunteered to be a delegate with a room of 27 voters and quickly voted in with 7 other delegates plus two alternatives. The finally count was:

MR 4 15%
RS 9 33%
NG 7 26%
RP 7 26%

Hartsel Community Center

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

I know last night in MN we assigned Tellers.

So we had four people designated at counting the votes of the 35 people in our group. Once the votes were counted we talked about it then we went on to ask people to become Precinct captain chair/vice chair... No body wanted to do that which if you trying to change things a Liberty minded person you should. Then we asked who in the audience wanted to be delegates, so I said yes,etc... Then we voted on this we had 9 people who wanted to become delegates and we had 5 spots.

I was chosen to be a delegate and the rest became alternates.

Please remember a lot of delegates will not show up at the County Level so there would be a chance they call on alternative delegates.

At my precinct in Colorado Santorum won easily.

It shocked me that he did well, I wasn't sure where he came from. There was no funny business in the vote count. The numbers actually matched well to the overall CO result. It was an old crowd.

S-15, R-13, P-4, G-3

The delegates selected were for sure 3 of 4 Santorum at the county level, the other county delegate was is also the state and congressional delegate. He sounded like he was a Paul supporter by things important to him, but said otherwise. I'm not sure how he'll vote.


The numbers may not be 100 percent accurate but it is an indication. Let's Go RP!! http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/primaries/delegates

You don't get delegates

You don't get delegates without VOTES! People need to understand this and if we don't show up to vote we will not get delegates.

END the FED . END the WARS . END the DRAMA

Come on America...............wake up.


Santorun Delagate vs Paul delegate in Minnesota

I got a phone call this morning from a Santorum Delegate, he called me because he knew I was a Paul Delagate and thought he could change me. He basically told me he supported Santorum because of his Christian faith and how Paul was such an Isolationist with the Military. He talked for about 10 minutes and I listened without interrupting. This man was pretty fired up for Santorum, until he called me. No one is going to get away with calling Paul an isolationist, hate Israel, and say he is nuts on our Monetary system and get away with it. Short story when I got my chance to speak I may have ruined his rosy picture of Santorum. I explained the real history why Iran hates this country beginning from 1953 until present. Then I told him how Paul was the only one that came to Israel's defence on the House floor when Israel bombed Iraq's Nuc site. Then with a little history on money, this man had absolutely nothing to come back with. He went from on fire for Santorum to wimp, had to go all of a sudden. I told him never believe me but research every thing like I have said, and he said he would.

I was just like him 1 year ago until I check out every Candidate. When I found the real truth I just felt so bad that I was supporting a government as treacherous as ours. It took me a while to recover from it.

We need to be well rehearsed in what Paul stands for and defend him like your life depends on it! But be kind and civil. This person knew I dropped off a Ron Paul brochure at his house and thought he could change me. I must have covered over 500 houses all rural, countryside.

I was hoping to get to the State Convention, but my cover has been blown now. I can't make believe to be Santorum backer, probably would make me puke anyway.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I really need to spoof it up

I really need to spoof it up with this kind of stuff. I'm not the best when it comes to debates...what I need is a good guideline to explane the Iran and Israel to people. I had a missed opportunity last night only because I don't feel the most knowledgable it that area. Any help? I would love to be able to be more confident with my debates.

Foriegn Policy

Foreign policy and so called Christians really chap my hide! How can anyone go to church praise God and then support some one that openly supports war to control other countries.

Here is a good place to start you tube "how money is created" this is in 3 parts and the last one refers you to another video that shows how evil our Government really is. There are also videos on you tube that explain the complete story of Iran USA relations. Iran in the 1940 and early 50s looked up to the USA like a big brother wanted a Republic just like us. But the USA being so righteous in every thing we do sent the mad dogs of the CIA to destroy them, because the British wanted cheap oil.

I also watched the 1979 embassy Hostage trouble, but did not know this event and current events in Iran now are tied to 1953.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


I understand your frustration and it is 100% legitimate.

However, would you please take the time to read my post to "cepivon" (below) as it might give you hope to see a Seminary student fully awake AND canvasing for Dr. Paul during the other day's primary in Missouri.

Thank you for using the phrase "so called" before "Christians" in your post btw.

"Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism" - Ludwig von Mises

the Christian RINOS are simply brainwashed, pure & simple!

We talked to a friend of ours, Baptist, and he was SO CLOSE-MINDED that he refused to talk about it. Of course, we probably blew it talking about BUILDING 7, but we wanted to put doubt in his mind, but he just was hopeless.

The TV is the MOTHER BRAINWASHER of all time. And, we don't have control over it...

It might be dangerous to say..

but I'm an "independent fundamental Baptist" and I'm fully awake :)

I'm actually in the Seminary and was canvasing for Dr. Paul in Missouri the other day, so, please don't lose hope that ALL Christians are a lost cause.

We're just in need of another Reformation brought about by "enlightenment" (Guttenberg press --> internet?).

My advice:
Use the 10 commandments and show how Ron Paul's domestic/foreign policies are in full agreement and explain how policies of previous administrations (and current) violate them.

1. Explain how "Statism" violates the 1st commandment as men fasely rely upon the State for guidance/morality/prosperity/peace(etc) rather than upon their own individualism (which was created in the "image of God" with mental/physical faculties to be exercised therewith).

2. "American Exceptionalism" could be argued as violation of the 2nd commandment as this sort of "ultra-nationalistic" mentality has taken preeminence over God in many churches, adding bias to interpretation, which fundamentally alters correct comprehension of Scripture. The result are "anemic" Christians who serve manna in the place of God (haven't you noticed how this 'Christian Nation' is INCAPABLE of wrong doing in foreign policy?).

3. Understanding the "legal plunder" of the masses by the Federal Reserve and all of Washington's cronies, the mass wave of destruction and murder overseas (arguably since the 1950s-giving credit to the CIA's policy of "stabilization"), and [insert the rest here] all by a nation espousing "In God We Trust" sounds like taking God's name in vain to me.

4. One of the purposes of the Sabbath was to exhort by typology the virtues of separation (hence "keep [a day] HOLY" where holy=consecrated/set apart). I'm sure you've noticed an unholy union of Church and State has been emerging recently corrupting pure Christian doctrine (you're remarks about "brainwashed" shows you've noticed the fruits from this UNHOLY unification).

5. The welfare system can be argued as weakening the family structure as most (if not all) of the functions ordained by God for the family (education/taking care of one's elders/etc) are being misplaced in the hands of the State. In other words, the State is removing what facilitated honor/respect for one's parents.

6. Wars of aggression violate the 6th commandment; I'm sure you'll have fun explaining Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. :)

7. Newt Gingrich (sorry, I had to)

8. Explain how the Federal Reserve System/fiat money violates the 8th commandment as it is an institution of "legalized" counterfeiting perpetuating massive implicit theft against The People.

9. I think explaining the "honest mistakes" of our "intelligence" communities in their "witness" against Iraq's nuclear weapons would be sufficient in bearing FALSE witness (and the "war on terror" no doubt..and 9/11).

10. Coveting another country's natural resources and then enacting war's of aggression to obtain such resources or coveting another country's "geo-strategic" positioning (against Russia/China/Iran) and then enacting war's of aggression to construct permanent "geo-strategic" military bases violate the 10th commandment.

At least, that's my 2 cents of advice to help your friend.

"Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism" - Ludwig von Mises

Christians that blindly support Governments

should watch this youtube video and get educated, "Confessions of a Economic hit man".

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Go to convention!

Never underestimate yourself.

I can tell from what you have written that you are head and shoulders above the usual convention delegate.