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Video Update: Ron Paul Speeches in Minneapolis Feb 6

Thanks to bluedog112 for the video finds:

1st speech:


2nd speech:


February 6, 2012

Ron Paul at St. Cloud Town Hall & Rally - 4pm CT
Congressman Ron Paul will host a St. Cloud Town Hall & Rally at the St. Cloud Rivers Edge Convention Center, 10 4th Avenue South, St Cloud, Minnesota on Monday, February 6th at 4:00 pm Central.

Ron Paul at Minneapolis Rally - 7:00pm CT
Congressman Ron Paul will host a Minneapolis Rally at the Minneapolis Convention Center, 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday, February 6th at 7:00 pm Central.

Live coverage on CNN, 8pm ET:


Full details: www.ronpaul2012.com/categ...

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The Point Is

This is what Dr. Paul has been saying for over three decades! Who has not heard and why?

The woman that introduced Ron

The woman that introduced Ron Paul in the 1st speech is Sue Jeffers, a weekend talk show host on the Twin Cities talk station. She is sympathetic to Ron Paul's ideas. Here is a like to her podcasts of her talk show.


Angry Ron=

Awesome Ron

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

He comes off as very

He comes off as very presidential when he gets a little pissed off. I'd like to see this ron paul in the televised debates!

2000+ at Convention Center

I just got home from the Minneapolis Convention Center and there was at least 2000 people plus overflow. This was Dr. Paul's hardest hitting speech of the campaign. He was firing on all cylinders. GET OUT AND CAUCUS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

introduction by that woman

that chick should be hired to give his intro every time.




Great speech!!!

I thought the speech was excellent, the point about how a minority of passionate individuals can change the direction of a nation for the better was especially poignant.

is it over?

is there a link to the rally?


must be a real bitch...i can't imagine doing it at age 76.. damn he must be as healthy as a horse

I can't imagine doing it at

I can't imagine doing it at age 30! He's amazing. Great speech, too.

That was great! Thanks for posting!



Final numbers in Adelson:
Paul 183 (58%)!!!!!
Romney 61 (19%).
Gingrich 57 (18%).
Santorum 16 (5%).
It is interesting that the only LIVE/transparent voting has the OPPOSITE numbers from any other county.

Robo Call

Someone that was at this caucus posted on Facebook that she got a robo call telling her that if she missed voting earlier in the day she could go to this caucus. This probably accounts for the majority of people there being Paul supporters.

I'm beginning to think the reason for the results had more to do with people being turned away from the caucuses, caucuses being closed 3 hours early and the complete chaos that is being reported all over the state.

Because of the fact that Romney seemed to bring in the numbers I tend to believe that there was some bias toward Paul supporters. Maybe they got the Romney supporters to the caucuses early then closed up so that others couldn't vote.

There is something suspicious here since Paul has so much support in the state and Gingrich is basically absent.


we;ll only see more of it...and baudo means EVERY other county


for this comment.

deacon's picture

RP"S speech

kept cutting in and out,but hey
the commercials ran fine!!

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

The speech for liberty

Rather moved by the liberty message from Ron in this speech

Humans for Ron Paul !

I love this guy. Good speech.

I love this guy. Good speech.

audio still isnt working for

audio still isnt working for you guys? My audio has been on for the last 45 minutes.

Can anyone from Minnesota tell me if this is being broadcast

live in the state?


They may give it a little re-cap on the 10 o'clock news, but that's it.

Minnesota Mary

He sounds a little more aggravated at the media and Government


is anyone here watching? So quiet in here

Video tape everything!

If you are at the event, max out your data storage with video.

DVR CNN if you are watching it. It's always good having these clips.

Feedback for crowd shots

Everyone should click that feedback button in the top right and tell them we want crowd shots. Anyone have any idea of how many people are at the event?

Ronny sounds tired tonight

Ronny sounds tired tonight


I thought the same when he started. Picking up steam though.

Yeah he does

he's misspeaking.

He meant Iraq and Afghanistan, not Iran : (

I was all for listening to this, but I've heard it many times

I was hoping they'd show it Nationally.

Hopefully Minnesota gets it.

The crowd seems subdued.

I hate having to worry every night.