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Nevada quesrion

Are the totals I saw correct and only 33k voters in Nevada? Thats like 8% of all registered republicans. That normal?

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Take this from one who has

Take this from one who has been working NV for the past 4 years:
Yes, there was some cheating and mishandling of the caucus going on, but the real reason we did so badly is low turnout.
The support in NV has been extremely lackluster by comparison to 08, and the campaign failed to connect with the voters on a personal level.In 08, we had 7 supporters in my precinct turn out, this time there were 2!! DO GET IT NOW! And I walked and called my precinct 10 times more this time around!! I've been fretting about this for the last 6 months and I am glad it's all over.
You would know this if you participated in the phone from home program to get out the vote. The Campaign and the volunteers need to connect more on a personal level with the supporters or we are toast. So, stop with the cries of vote fraud, and work harder to make the supporters in your state feel that they have a responsibility to vote.

In my precinct.......

Population: 450
Attendance: 32

Percentage: 7%


Nothing "normal" about that!

Look at the people who turned out to support RP at these rallies..and what the heck happen to all their votes??? Its only going to get worse..you mark these words. I'm scratching my head wondering WHY the good Dr. organization is almost silent on this???? There's not a doubt in my mind that Voter Fraud is happening and not on a small scale..The MSM is doing everything it can to destroy this honest man and its only going to get worse..this is the fuel to the fire that makes me put my money where my mouth is and donate to this mans campaign!! I hope that everyone else that reads this post will do the same, its your duty as an American to support this man and his message.

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I would say alot came from that state