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*i*i* An Idea to Combat this Voter Fraud Crap Going Around *i*i*

I've been hearing a lot of the Nevada caucus being... well... less than honest. Perhaps we need to advocate Ron Paul voters to record their votes and post them online. Maybe we could submit them to DailyPaul or the campaign itself where they can be viewed and counted. If we ever get numbers that are more than what the state records then we'll actually have proof.

I suggest a picture of the completed ballot with your driver's licence/state Id. (with whatever personal information redacted you feel comfortable with) Those taking pictures may need to snap a few more of the actually polling place to prove they actually went, but just the ID with the ballot should do. Anything else that helps prove the legitimacy of the vote should be welcomed. Just imagine that Romney or Gingrich's campaign did the same thing and what would convince you that the picture they took wasn't fake.

Then it's just a matter of uploading so they can be tallied. We don't need a picture everyone's vote to make this work, but if we get enough photographic proof showing the numbers are higher than what the state counts, we'll be in business.

What do you guys think? Are you up for it? Do you think DailyPaul or the campaign or someone else could set up something so we can submit the pics to and have a list everyone can see? All we need is take 5 extra seconds to snap a picture when we vote and have something set up where we can upload the pics to. That's it.

If you think the idea is crap you can say that too.

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If you want to stop the vote fraud, join WatchtheVote2012.com

I can't understand why you people are f**king around on your own, when you can get advise from Jim Condit for an organized method of vote monitoring. I believe the CORE of the problem we have, is everybody desires to be the HERO, and come up with the best idea. However, in the voting process, it takes several years of investigation, learning the laws of the vote process (chain of custody, sealed boxes, etc).

Jim proved in Iowa, with Paul supporter, Edward True, that if we are organized with the right tools, we can catch vote fraud and with the right tools we can change the outcome. Unfortunately, the Iowa correction didn't help Dr Paul, but that's because Jim didn't get enough monitors to sign up on his team, as they chose to follow the AMATUER campaign monitor process, and we lost!

If you want to stop the VOTE FRAUD, and quit the 'what if' speculations and trying to do a worthless but admirible after vote count, ect, join with an expert at this game. Go to www.WatchtheVote2012.com and join with Jim Condit Jr. and lets end this vote fraud!

you're assuming that all RP

you're assuming that all RP supporters are internet savy.

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I think the most trustworthy centralized set up

I think the most trustworthy centralized set up of some sort of independent vote verification apparatus would be within the campaign headquarters itself. Any central place where independent verifications are tallied must be rock solid reliable and incorruptible. Of course there is always the chance that an opposition plant within the campaign has charge of tallying and producing the verification results but it is less likely. Hey… this is war... what the enemy may do is not limited to the imagination.

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Found this article over at Rockwell

Well done on voter fraud in Nevada
I love that "Hey...this is war...what the enemy may do is not limited to the imagination"!!!

This way is unreliable

Kudos for trying though.

Polling station voter by voter counting done by our people of our people is the superior way.

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I don't understand.

How will posting scattered votes online constitute proof of fraud when there are thousands or millions of votes?

And really, how does proof of a few assorted cases of fraud help us. An expensive court case that will take a year to process with money the campaign needs now for campaigning?

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Well see...

The idea isn't to post scattered votes but something organized like I said before.

How does proof of a few assorted cases help? Because it's a start. It's something. It's what we are all striving for in voting for Dr. Paul against the Goliath that is the status quo. It's an effort and much better than complaining. I just thought I'd put it out there. If it doesn't catch on then it doesn't, but I don't think setting up a page for uploads is too much of a technical hassle if we're thinking realistically.

Something has to be done

If nothing is done we should expect more of the same. I'm very close to giving in to the idea that this country deserves all the problems that are coming.



I don't see any better ideas, yet.

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A program like this needs to

A program like this needs to be setup ASAP. I think the easier the better. The majority have cell phones maybe they could text a picture of proof of voting to a designated phone number that stores the count.


I agree

I just don't know how to do it myself and I think Daily Paul, the campaign itself or something like RevPAC would be a good entity to do it. Plus they can get the word out much better than I ever could. I emailed RevPAC already. Don't know what will happen.

Good Idea and Ill up you This is OUR Country!

Add a little investigative journalism to the mix and upload to dailyPaul, such as the examples below

There is no way with our passion we are giving up. From A comment Ive seen on another thread, it said to the effect of theyve turned a passionate Ron Paul Supporter into a determined one.



Bump worthy?

I think it's worth a bump, but I may be wrong.