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Hello MO, CO, MN Activists-Nevada's #1 Lesson: G.O.T.V.!


There are a lot of people new to ELECTORAL politics in this forum, so I would like to state that the Number One Lesson that RP supporters---and activists in MO, CO, and MN for Tue---should learn from Nevada is that activists have to Get Out The Vote!!!

RP activists in Nevada had over 22,000 pledges from people that promised they would vote in the caucuses for RP. If all of those people would have shown up, RP would have beaten Romney by over 7,500 votes.

One minor problem: final RP tally was 6,175. Time to write "Charmin" on those pledges.

People who have been working electoral politics in neighborhoods and precincts and polling places for a while are VERY familiar with this scenario. The HARDEST thing to do in politics is the most important thing---you have to get your peeps to the polling place to VOTE!

So all you Paulistas in MO, Co, and MN, better start working on a foolproof system to get your peeps to the polls.

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