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Mardi Gras float on Mississippi Gulf Coast- need supplies or donations

Hi everyone. My name is Scott, and I'm the organizer for a Meetup/Facebook group, MS Gulf Coast for Ron Paul. We're planning to have a float in a Mardi Gras parade here on the coast. If you're not familiar with Mardi Gras, check it out. Every year, thousands of people line up, often hours in advance, to watch these parades.


Our goal is to walk along the parade route before the parade to talk to people about Ron Paul, handing out information. The second step would be the parade float. We will be throwing candy doubloons, beads that look like coins, candy in dollar bill-patterned wrappers, some pamphlets rolled up (tubes)... And lots of beads! Some of the beads will have large plastic medallions, which will have Ron Paul stickers on.

We've been able to raise some funds, however we still need more to make this a success and reach thousands of people, some even from other states. We are in desperate need for the Ron Paul stickers, as we don't have enough on hand and even if we order now, we may not get them in time. If you have any stickers, please contact me on here (or email me at scott@rpactivist.com). I'd be willing to pay for shipping if need be.

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Just a thought, but what about making your own stickers? I believe that I've seen full sheets of adhesive backed paper available Staples, Office Depot, etc.....

Why not copy/paste a Ron Paul logo onto this adhesive printer paper and cut out your own stickers. I'm sure each sheet could fit 20+ small images (dabloon sized) and you'll have the luxury of using any image available on the internet, just a matter of shrinking it down.

then, you can use a circular punch to cut out the stickers.

Just a thought, can't hurt to look at this option.

I'm in Grand Bay, AL and I'll be happy to come support you guys in the parade.

Good idea

It would be a bit time consuming, considering we're going to have a few hundred beads. Have 500 or so already ready, wanting to have a minimum of 600 more. That is a pretty good idea, though. I'll have to look into some alternatives like this. Ill have to see what office depot and office max have to offer, as well as amazon (granted i can get it soon enough), and I'll have to see if I can find a large enough circle cutter, likely the scrap booking dept of a craft store.

Don't know why I didn't think of it... I run the site rpactivist.com and I post all sorts of stuff. Brainfart!

Printable RP2012 flyers, booklets, cards and more!

this is a good post.

please keep it bumped.

OK! I think this is a good post too!

I am now my own sockpuppet!