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Extrapolating Iowa to Nevada

First let me say that I think voted fraud was likely. However, it likely did not steal the general vote.

1) Exit polls were pretty close to the final percentages. I don't like it either, but not everyone loves Ron Paul. Sad truth, but don't be ignorant.

2) In Iowa I went door to door, called neighbors, sent out the super brochure, etc. to make sure that I could get as many voters to my caucus.

Only about 20% of the "yes I support Ron Paul" people showed up. Yeah.

So when we see that only 25% of RP supporters in Nevada showed up, I am not surprised. This is what happens. People make excuses, bad excuses, and don't show up.

Regardless Ron Paul won my Iowa caucus but that had a great deal to do with my speech and presentation in general.

But don't think just because the turnout was lower than expected that it means it was fraud. This is typical.