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6,175 people in the whole state?

That's it?
A bunch of counties only had 20 or so people in the whole county who voted for Dr. Paul.
Who put up all the signs?
Hard to believe, sure felt like that many were active much less just voters...

So sad.

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i live in las vegas

and i saw no Paul signs out and about just 1 bumper sticker..i was out putting up home made signs in 07 and there were Paul stuff all over, I commented to myself "Man where are all the paul people?" '

You did your job man. Don't

You did your job man. Don't worry maybe there will be more like you when we're at the bottom of the cliff. We, the freedom fighters are going down fighting.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

Interesting numbers I've seen

Interesting numbers I've seen today. Ron Paul had 22,000 confirmed supporters in Nevada. The state had 12,000 fewer GOP voters than 2008 despite numerous pre-caucus media reports of Democrats changing registration to vote for Ron Paul. Clark County alone had 6,000 fewer than 2008. The fraud is so obvious, I don't know what to say.

It was early on a Saturday

It was early on a Saturday morning. Telling people to vote is one thing but actually getting them out there to vote is another. What can I say? These people that are lazy to vote will also be the one to complain the most when things go wrong in the future.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.


What we need are several Ron Paul ice cream trucks blaring those catchy little tunes making loops around neighborhoods.
So people come to the windows, and see a big a$$ sign saying have you voted today?
Maybe the lazies would get up off the couch for an ice cream bar. :)