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Ron Paul only gets 88 votes?!

In every state this election cycle Ron Paul has gotten at least twice the amount of support as he had in 2008. Now the MSM is trying to tell us he only received 88 more votes this time in Nevada than from 4 years ago. All this coming after an endorsement from the Bunny Ranch, the Libertarian leaning ways of the state, the fact that he was pulling in 1,000 people or more at every speech, and the fact that he has had people there campaigning for the last 4 years for him. It just doesn't add up. Way too many coincidences and first time happenings like changing the precinct numbers a month before the vote to confuse people, turning voters away things like that. Even if Ron had only got 1.5x the amount of support as last time he'd be in a solid second, I just refuse to believe that every state he had double his support and now only 88 new votes a .014% increase! We all know our people come out too, sure we probably have some lazy people in the midst but most of us truly believe in the cause to break our own backs just to vote for him. I am from Florida and I made sure I got everyone I knew who registered to vote that day even though I knew he had no shot of winning. I doubt that half of his supporters stayed home when they knew this would get his momentum going again in this election.

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I agree, something doesn't add up

When we compare just the number from the previous primaries from 08-12 the increase in votes suggests at least a doubling, often greater than double difference. Yet in Nevada, a libertarian stronghold, the increase was .014%, that does not line up with statistical trends, it does conflict with reality based expectations, and it does deserve being delved into.
That's why I'm suggesting that every caucus be attended by at least one RP campaign worker with a video camera, so every vote for RP can be video taped prior to being collected. This will at least insure an accurate tally of votes for RP and should the RNC tally differ, the tapes can be presented as evidence of fraud against the RNC.

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