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Ron Paul Trounces Everyone! In Only Nevada Caucus Vote Counted On Live TV

This is my follow on to an earlier post and video 'Ron Paul Supporters Dominate Special Late Nevada Caucus - Broadcast Live by CNN'[Basinger on Sun, 02/05/2012 - 04:59].This CNN video is of the same event - Live night Clark County Religous Caucus for Orthodox Jews and 7th day Adventists but shows the actual vote count carried out. Vote count was Ron Paul 153, Mitt Romney 49, Newt Gindrich 42 and Rick Santorum 11. I know this is just one caucus held across Nevada BUT it shows an overwhelming majority support for Ron Paul, is indicative of Ron Paul support in one caucus only but hard to believe that this is not representative of Ron Paul support across Clark County/Nevada.The "Final Clark County recount published" is not indicative of this level of support - something amiss here MAYBE.


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Nevada Ron Paul Headquarters

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