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Does this look fishy to anyone else?

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More relevant now A

More relevant now

A Presidential Election? American Idol? Or Is it a National Crime Spree?


Ron Paul has always been crazy

Ron Paul quietly scores first popular vote victory
Paul senior adviser Doug Wead declared victory in a statement posted to his website, but expressed irritation that most media outlets reported the Saturday announcement by Herb Schoenbohm, the territory’s GOP chair and a Romney supporter, that Romney had won the contest, before learning that Paul had indeed clinched the most votes.

Can you upgrade this graph

with MN, CO, And MO - it could be very very telling ... Thanks!

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I wish

I wish that everyone that voted for Ron Paul in Nevada would have met the next day at the courthouse in the county that they voted in. It might not change the vote but at least then we would have known in our hearts and minds what really happened.


Judge Andrew Napolitano used this graph on Facebook.

Rand is/was on Freedomwatch tonight discussing this (can't watch, will search for vids).

Bravo Zulu - the Judge used your stuff!

hell yes it looks fishy

we landed in Nevada in late '07 and never left and only picked up 89 new RP people? For as much damage as it may have caused, I would think even the cat house constituency would have given us more than that the day that story broke.

I know it looks weird but...

most precincts were lucky if 10% showed up. My precinct had 569 registered republicans, and according to the Ron Paul campaign...120 of them (including myself) were Ron Paul supporters. Only 23 total republicans showed!! The vote ended up being 11 for romney, 10 for ron paul, and 2 for newt... 7 delegates out of 10 though voted for paul, so that was a success. This was the same story at most precincts... I bet the average turn out at most precincts was less then 10%.

Anyway my point is... Nevada did not show up to vote, especially Vegas. The only reason the Adelson vote looked good was because a bunch of people that did not wake up early enough finally got motivated by 6pm and went to shake things up. The Ron Paul campaign was calling people from noon to when the Adelson voted started to make sure they got people to go. Nothing wrong with that but it just shows to me that you can people in Vegas motivated, just not at 7am. I wish it would of turned out better, but most people didnt want to vote. Thats why we got screwed.

Good idea!

I would like to see that too.

The Virtual Conspiracy


My hypothesis on the electioneering is that more likely than not RP was doing so well in Nevada, case in point Adelson (the only caucus where the voting was transparent and RP beat everyone 3:1) I think he did so well that they had to simply toss ballots, and to obfuscate the truth they reverted back to the 08 election, Since they went back to the 08 results they had to do the same with Romney. That is why more or less you have the same results. They just grabbed whatever vote totals closely aligned with 08. That is what happens when you commit massive fraud, and ballots are lost/tossed/burnt. You need a measuring stick to go by, and the only one they had was 08. They knew they were in big trouble midway through, so they stopped reporting the results and decided to take their time cooking the books/vote count all night. To coordinate such a fraudulent effort you still need to use a measuring stick, and you need to make sure the falsified official counts match the reporting precincts.

Ron Paul Likely Won Nevada Caucuses

Given the events that transpired over a period of 24+ hours, this explanation is the most reasonable in my opinion. Too many coincidences ... If so, why would GOP officials resort to oversight and secrecy? Answer: Ron Paul won the Nevada caucuses, that's why...

This Lady...

that I know from Nevada was working EXTREMELY HARD for Ron Paul and NOTHING was going to stop her! She was making over 700 calls per week for Ron Paul and she did this for a very long time... and she was only one person out of many that were working very hard. There's no way that only 6,000 voted for Ron Paul. Nevada was the Ron Paul state. Nevada belonged to Ron Paul.

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█████ R █ O █ N ██ P █ A █ U █ L ███ 2 0 1 2 ██████

Ron Paul Nevada Election Result Is Likely Fraudulent

Agreed. It's plain to see, they stole Nevada from Dr. Paul.


I had a restless night because of this chart!

It just wouldn't get out of my head the obvious disparity the chart reflects. Even if the turnout was low in NV, there is no way you can convince me that Ron Paul got pretty much the same amount of votes this go around as the last time.

Please do the same with percentage totals

It will make it more clear and adjust for voter turnout.

I do believe he gained in percentage

from 13.7 in 2008 to 18.8 in 2012.

Take a page from O's playbook

We all need to take a page from O's playbook in 2008. Each of us needs to establish our call lists of 20 Paul supporters in our precincts and make sure they vote on primary/caucus day. If early voting is available call them until they vote and let them know you'll keep calling until they do vote. If they need a ride, give it to them. Take the day off of work and let your precinct organizer know that your willing to drive anyone and everyone to the polling stations. Also find others who can find 20 more Paul supporters. We need to motivate the "lazy" voters who think this election is over. What do you think, "Yes We Can" was all about? Start today!!


Has to be realized is that the Neo-Con infiltration of the GOP was really not about getting Republicans elected, but rather to prevent Jeffersonian conservatives from being elected.

They're covering for democrats, the party they were originally with.

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The Neocon agenda would be hurt more by a Paul win than a Obama re-election. Would not surprise me if they allowed the election to be thrown to Obama if it came down to that.

Turnout was down a lot from 2008, Nevada is still trying to

figure out how to manage a caucus vs. a primary and average voters don't feel like spending so much time at a precinct doing staw votes. The number is not a reflection of wrongdoing, turnout in Nevada was down across the board, and every candidate had poor numbers compared to 2008. We cannot allow ourselves to live in a bubble and assume because Dr. Paul didn't do well that it must always be someone else's fault. We simply don't have the numbers to overcome Romney's machine, and to a lesser extent Gingrich's.

I hope this piece of the

I hope this piece of the puzzle has been sent to Ben Swann.

I'm not on tracebook or I'd do it

I'm not on tracebook or I'd do it. Can't find any email links on the FOX19 site.

Yes. It's been posted on

Yes. It's been posted on Swann's page: http://www.facebook.com/BenSwannRealityCheck


Yep, screwed again. How's it feel to beat your head against a wall.

But what are you going to do about it? If the game is rigged and the table tilted why are still playing under the SAME house rules?

Change the paradigm. Think outside the box. Study your Sun Tzu. Turn off the box and organize RP supporters to make a big scene about closing their bank accounts, withdrawing their money from the banks, and burn your CC's. Pay with fiat FRN's, and buy gold or silver.

Their Achilles heel is money debt. Cut off the Feds money, starve the beast, and sit back and watch it thrash about until dead.

Stop playing their game or you will always be a slave.


It's time to mis-behave

or, just get organised!!! http://www.voteronpaul.us/

Here is the one website that every single Ron PAul supporter should be a member of. It is really simple, you pledge your vote, for your location. The tally is noted before the Caucus or Primary, then I imagine you come back to confirm it.

We would know what the predicted numbers are, we could compare those to the "officially" report numbers. It's really simple, but getting every single Ron Paul supporter to pledge their vote seems to be a difficult task.

People like to complain that this are bad then sit back and do nothing about it. There should be a link on every single Ron Paul website for this website. It should be added to every single piece of printed material in existence to do with Ron Paul.

You shouldn't be allowed to be a Ron Paul voter, unless your Pedge has been recorded here:


So, that's the answer, let the people of America know just how large the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION is, then we would know where we stood and so would everyone else.

hey guys ...

i'm a daily DP reader from germany... just joined DP cause this really pisses me off. the pink elephant called fraud stands in the middle of the room and it doesn't need to be pointed out anymore, it needs to be fighted! the energy that RP and you all invested in this mission changed so many minds, but it's all for nothing if noone (the campaign?) effectively exposes this lack of transparency/reliability of the vote. and it must be done fast, time is running out, and there won't be recounts in states that have already voted. do you know a reason why the remaining states will have fair votes?


No, I do not know any reason whatsoever

why the remaining states will have fair votes.

I noticed this blog had some interesting film clips


“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”


a picture is worth a thousand words! " If its complicated, it is corrupt"....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
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Finding The Fish That Smells

It would be really nice if there were some honest investigative types who somehow discovered some juicy evidence here.

Political parties are formed to absorb popular descent and to manage desired outcomes. If they weren't, everything would be done out in the open with a willingness to allow anyone who wished to observe the process.

If you adjust for overall

If you adjust for overall turnout, and look only at popular vote, Romney had about a 1% decrease (down 27% in real terms) from 2008 and Ron Paul had about a 6% increase.

"Some relevant info I didn't have in front of me when I posted this originally: youth turnout, always good for Paul, was dismal in Nevada Saturday; only one percent of under 30s voted, compared to 5 percent in 2008. And yes, Paul dominated that one percent, getting 41 percent of their vote."