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Does this look fishy to anyone else?

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Just shows you how many people care

If we could just work out how to get people to VOTE we could have a chance.

This does look suspicious

but without proof of fraud, not much can be done about it. We need to have at least one, preferably two or more, poll watchers in every precinct in every state for the remainder of this election. Watch the voting process for anything unusual, such as voters being turned away or otherwise harassed, ballots leaving the room before being counted, etc. Record the count and photograph the official tally sheet and send it to http://watchthevote2012.com/

If there isn't any funny business, fine. But if there is, it needs to be verified and reported.

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As long as no one comes with hard evidence(s) (*), accusations weigh nothing. No matter how heavy (and sincere) our suspicions can be.

Let's take it at least as a warning sign for more prudence and method for the next states!

(*) and btw, just ONE real hard evidence is enough. Thousands of false/lousy ones are not. RP folks in NV : if you're confident you've been tricked and know how, just bring it before the responsible authority thoroughly, that's all!

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Not exactly...

The weight of their 'suspicions' slowed, and eventually re-tallied the totals...so near statistic impossibilities present and suspicion of the execution of the vote count should be enough to start something. Since, if it is fraud, it's 'premeditated', to think they would allow any 'real' evidence to exist beyond first hand accounts(that they will ignore no matter if we have videos of it) is naive.

Suspicion based in mathematical improbability may be all we have, lest we can find the needle in the haystack that catches the central counters themselves red handed, something a mere 'observer' at a caucus site won't see. Suspicion drives investigation, investigation can bring the kind of proof us 'individuals' can't present.

If first hand accounts have little weight to these people, we can't skip the process straight to investigation...

People should go to prison

People should go to prison for this. They are killing and harming Americans and treading on our rights.

Who's going to do it?

The politicians and judges are bought and paid for. So where you going to turn, where are you going to go for justice?

The bill of rights has been gutted. The States have been bought off by the Federal government. What'cha going to do?

This country is through. RP is running to be head of a destroyed country, constitution, and ecnonmy. What do you expect him to do with congress traitors who have been bought and paid for by lobbiest?

Me, I just waiting for the country to collapse and then try to pick up the pieces when the scoundrals are running for the hills.

From the Ron Paul Campaign in response to my FB post this mornin

I just got off the phone with a representative for Nevada's Secretary of State and was told what we can do to help raise awareness to the voter fraud in Nevada.

Even though the Secretary of State has no control over the election process (it's strictly the GOPs game)... The Sec of State CAN sit on them, to make them squeal.

What we need to do, is go here and supply as much evidence as we can gather. You Tube videos, personally witnessing someone being turned away from polls, not being allowed to vote, etc. Supply charts, news articles, photos, etc. WHATEVER you have!

Just go here and get busy!

The site says we need to file an official complaint form form, anyone in Nevada that is doing this already?


Ron Paul

Copy, paste and share this

Not a conspiracy theorist but

Okay let me emphasize first that I'm usually one of the last libertarians to believe in any conspiracy theories and I've always doubted if much voter fraud really goes on in America. It's still possible the Ron Paul campaign just drastically underperformed.

BUT the numbers here are just way too fishy. Is it not safe to assume practically everyone who voted for Ron Paul in 2008 did so again? And you're telling me he only got about 100 new votes? I bet every supporter converted at least a few people in the last 4 years. Only 100 new votes!? That's just unbelievable.

Well, apprently we DIDN'T turn out

This is from Ben Swann:

"Talked directly to the head of the Paul campaign in Nevada. Carl Bunce tells me that so far, there is no apparent voter fraud in Nevada. Bunce says

"Yes we had the numbers to win easily around 23,000+ ID'd, but Dr. Paul supporters did not show up. I have people I consider good friends that said they just did not make it....we got 3rd because we did not Turn-out."

Part of the reason for the low turnout could also be the lack of understanding of the caucus process... i'll explain the mess in Nevada and why the delegate process may be very bad for Rick Santorum and very good for Ron Paul tonight."

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You do find RP's score trend, if only it, very troubling.

I, too (... especially vs. Newt's final scoring)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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After lurking over various

After lurking over various sources, including from Romney's camp or MSM, 48 hours later, I'm not so surprised of Romney's strong score. Though I sure wish it'd been lower, of course.

What I do find troubling, to say the least, is Newt's, actually; and much more specifically.

That'll be the bottom line I want to share here anyway.

Rationale? I'm not going to remake my point, but for what it's worth, I've elaborated/laid it out there already.

(And was in reply to a counter argument I found mostly valid, too).

My 2cts from sweet California. :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


The whole fiasco surrounding a recount of Clark county BEFORE publishing the original count stinks to high heaven. Furthermore, requiring OVER 24 hours to finish the REcount with observers from the state GOP stinks even more. Personally, I'm pleased that independent parties are looking into this fiasco in Nevada. Heads need to roll within Nevada's GOP leadership. Thankfully, Nevada got rid of one culprit already, but one isn't enough.

2008 vs 2012 count

I live in Las Vegas and was the the grassroots organizer for the Paul campaign in 2008. One difference for 2008 and 2012 procedure was that in 2008 we counted the poll tallies on-site at each caucus location. The campaigns had representatives in the site-counting rooms confirming the tallies for the each caucus location. This year the ballots from the precinct locations were brought to the central location at the county republican headquarter and all county-wide counting occurred in one room. I am not sure if campaign representatives were able to confirm all tallying. I haven't heard from them but I know the process was far more frustrating for the campaign managers to confirm.

It is an interesting quandary. Ron Paul came in 2nd in 2008 at 14%. He came in third in 2012 with 19%. Why so little for such an ardent die-hard supporter-base? But I would estimate that Dr. Paul got at least 60%, if not 70% of the Precinct delegates. Precinct voters simply had to raise their hands and volunteer to be a delegate and the campaign drove that fact home to the supporters. I'm sure we succeeded in that department. This will translate into more Paul supporters as state delegates.

Another thing to consider. Out of 50 states 15 are caucus and 35 are primary. Go to: http://www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com/2012-republican-...

I hope this does not give the advantage to Romney.

We love Ron Paul. We can get involved in politics and lead as he does. Then we'll have many Ron Pauls.

202800 precinct

In my precinct, we had 24 people in attendance. The precinct captain was chosen by being the first person arriving in the room, he then asked for a volunteer to be secretary and note taker. We counted the votes out loud before we concluded. Romney had 12 votes, Paul had 5 votes, Gingrich had 4 or 5 and Santorum had 2 or 3. (I may be off on the Gingrich and Santorum numbers by one vote.) We had difficulty filling the 9 delegate positions to the county convention. The apathy is amazing. The older generation was well represented in 202800. To me, if there is a question about fraud, it seems like there would be a way to tabulate the results or get an idea just by asking the people who were present in the precincts or the captains, or the secretaries of the precincts, what there results were.

The other way to tally the votes is when the people leave

We can get a head count when they are leaving, kind of like an exit poll. Have enough supporters at the location to get each person walking out to get their vote info. That could be the alternative since the GOP wants everything private. Please take the initiative with your meetup group to do this and post the tally here. OKAY?

I'm making donations

The NO fraud money bomb as one put it yesterday. Rasing money for security and people to watch the caucuses and votes. This is vital and must be done or we are sunk. MUST RAISE THE MONEY FOR SECURITY to WATCH THE VOTES. Have Paul supporters stay at the live caucuses and votes, get the live count after it has been tallied and post the results of each county HERE.

We have to stick with Paul until the end no matter what

No matter what it looks like. The No fraud money bomb we should seriously take into consideration.


SOB'S!!!!!!!!! I'm pissed!!!


ya got them scared now..........

What are you going to do?

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Ah Hell no...

...dis ain't right.

Must be a joke or everyone should be on the phone to the states attorney asking that he investigate. And call the governor too and imply election fraud under his or her watch.

Then call the congress critters and say there is vote fraud/rigging going on in their areas.

Then...call the senate toads and do the same.

Bet ya if we take some time and google 'vote fraud' and 'vote rigging' more, some gears will shift.


Try it!

It is very much so...

Take this fishiness and combine it with the fishiness of the extraordinary delay in the Nevada vote count. I smell rotting fish!


Shave the Vote



Sence the votes are not being counted. We can never WIN... So why should I make any more DONATIONS!!!! What are you going to do? Are you going to keep letting this happen??

Become those who count the votes.

This will never change unless everyone works together and take over the GOP. We have the numbers to do it. If we all become district, county, state and national leaders we would be the one's counting the votes, or at least controlling the rules, platform etc.

Are we going to do what many did in 2008? That is to cut and run back to independent or what ever else you were before. Yes, I know more than most that the Republicans are difficult to work with, but if we follow Ron Paul's lead we can "take over the GOP in on or two election cycles!

So, who is going to take over their districts and then take over their state? I'm sick and tired of being cheated and lied too; it's time for the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be honored once again!

"If you want to change government, you have to become government" Ron Paul

For Freedom!

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yes. But I'm sure no one here cares

that the vertical axis has no label. What are these? Meters? Bananas? Compliments? Primary season votes—Ooh! *grumble grumble*

People outside here won't know. That's all.

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what the fuc is your problem?

I agree. WTF

This poster forgot Xenu disciples. What about Thetans?

If it smell likes fish...

and looks like fish, it's a fish... yep, those numbers don't add up!

I wonder if the GOP is thinking ahead. 'Cuz they're setting a mighty-bad precedent by fudging numbers like this. In 2000, a lot of people felt the election of GWB was rigged. Now what if our nominee wins by a slim margin in the general election?

The other side is gonna cry foul, and they're gonna point to this year's GOP primary as more evidence that the neo-con controlled republican party rigs elections.


I live in Las Vegas. Big support here, these numbers were fudged. Now what are we going to do about it???

dave anderson

demand a re-vote with video cameras

and paper trail published to the minutest detail

RP R3VOLution