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Does this look fishy to anyone else?

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Something doesn't seem right. I wish the campaign would give a statement on this.

Obvious fraud

is obvious

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Sure its obvious

Yep, screwed again.

But what are you going to do about it? If the game is rigged and the table tilted why are still playing under the SAME house rules?

Change the paradigm. Think outside the box.
Get RP supporters to make a big scene about closing their bank accounts, withdrawing their money from the banks, and burn your CC's. Pay with fiat FRN's, and buy gold or silver.

Their achillies heel is money debt. Cut off their money, starve the beast and watch it thrash about until dead.

Stop playing their game or you will always be a slave.

It's time to mis-behave


Just because no one knows how something happened doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Nothing fishy. 75% of the

Nothing fishy. 75% of the supporters did not bother to caucus for Ron Paul. The support was weak and turn out was an absolute disaster. I saw this coming months ago, and therefore I am not surprised. The difference in NV RP supporters of 2008 and 2012 is like night and day.[ In all fairness, I would say that many RP supporters left the state after the economy collapsed] We need to Accept this for what it is and move on.
I know we let you down and I apologize for the majority of the supporters in this state who had been ID'd but no showed on Caucus Day. Learn what you can from our failure and do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Yes everyone but me

But everyone else left

oh and those I knew back 2008 that voted for him

but everyone else left

oh and all the new people I've met including ind and dems.

but everyone else left.

Your assumptions are misplaced.

I can't say either way yet but....

Its hard to imagine an RP supporter that voted last election not voting this one. Its hard to imagine he only gained a small fraction of new support. Yeah, its POSSIBLE his support was weak... but who knows a "weak" RP supporter? I don't know one! Voter fraud is a little less depressing than what you suggest so I hope you're wrong.

I have to ask if florida was such a..

Lost cause why did we improve so much from 2008? People knew we where polling low and still came out and Nevada should have been no different.. There is obviously something wrong.

Yeah, that's why

they stopped the public vote counting and went off to "centrally" recount. This stinks to high heaven.

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Votes Should Be OPEN

at each precinct to be counted by at least a couple witnesses...you think?

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I Call BS

Who the hell votes for Gingrich?

Why hasn't any supporters

Why hasn't any supporters made this public? It is because they haven't gathered the proper evidence they were supposed to gather. There was plenty of warning this would happen and now that it does, everyone is acting as if they were caught by surprise.

What happened to the picture evidence of the results being submitted to other third party central locations? All I see is everyone scrambling on various blogs trying to compile "on the ground" results.

If the supporters did their job, then they would be able to supply all the evidence needed for the campaign.

Do you think the Ron Paul will be able to make the changes to the country that he is talking about as president without you? NO!


Iowa and Nevada.

How many people are in Nevada

How many are registered repubs. What is the rule for Nevada ie only repubs can vote?

The first two questions will provide insight to this being extremely fishy or just mostly fishy.

Also, has Nevada dropped in population substantially since 08?

I really wish we had second place there.


FRAUD ,folks i have said it before and i am going to say it again ,as much as i would love to see our guy win and yes i believe if the vote counting was fair we would win by a land slide ,but the criminals are not going to let that happen at the federal level, IMO our only hope if Ron Paul does not get the nomination is to either run for our local ,county and state office or get like minded people elected to public office. that being said i am still going to push as hard as i can to get our man to the white house regardless the outcome!!

If it's fraud it would

If it's fraud it would involve all the major news and polling outfits because the exit/entrance polling as well as the phone polls largely match what we saw in Nevada. I'm so frustrated with all this but I don't know. I think the inevitability factor of Romney may have suppressed turnout.

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Fishy? Definitely


Worthy of investigation, certainly.

He's the man.
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True, Michael. But either way

True, Michael.

But either way I'm afraid it will be sad findings.

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Somebody cut you off

Looks like somebody "cut you off at the pass" there Gummy.
(Trying to sound like the Duke).


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I posted the comparison on

I posted the comparison on Facebook, and a Romney supporter said that Romney dropped 5000 votes in NV too this time. So he claimed this didn't prove suspicious, just a lower voter turnout. Thoughts?

Once you vote RP

IT IS VERY RARE that you would change your mind and vote for someone else in the next election. Ron Paul can only gain votes over time, that is not the case with Romney. If you look at the chart, RP only gained 100 votes in Nevada which is next to impossible considering that in:

Iowa: 2 1/2 times the total of 2008
NH: 3 times the total of 2008
SC: 4 1/2 times the total of 2008
FL: 2 times the total of 2008

All that despite lower turnouts in general in 2012.

The campaign was also expecting to compete with Romney or at least a very strong second based on the ground work and pledges.

The was some shenanigans in Nevada, no question.

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Caucuses were packed

Nevada was not a small turn-out

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Lower turnouts usually FAVOR Ron Paul.

His supporters are notoriously dependable.
Unless a whole lot of them died or moved out of NV since the last election this makes no sense at all.

The Virtual Conspiracy


And "fishy" is my thing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Looks More Like Egg Than Fish

As in egg on the faces of the RP organization in Nevada, which apparently thought that internet "pledges" of voting were a substitute for a real Get Out The Vote operation.

And to think...

...that's just the votes they DID decide to allow us to have...

ie: throwing us a bone

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Yes. Great work!


I agree it is suspect

I agree it is suspect statistically. I think the growth should be at least comparable to Iowa since they have a caucus. Nevada has some of the most individualists around so you would expect that RP support would substantially increase there if it increased in Iowa.