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Something I started seeing in blogs and Yahoo.

It looks like Rick Santorum may get a surge. I'm seeing many more people commenting positive things about him...much more than in the past. PLEASE--If you live in Minnesota, Colorado or Missouri go the extra mile to make sure you can take at least 5 Paul voters to the polls. This man scares me more than any of the other candidates. He is a trigger happy wackjob that will put our nation into World War III. He is a liberal spendthrift and will sink our country further down the drain and into the cesspool.

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Good call!

Ms. O'Rourke. A whole bunch of highly paid newsie talking heads have admitted they didn't see the scumbag surge coming.

P.S. The petition signatures Santorum's people found in Indiana were turned down as bogus by the Indiana Rep. Party.

Santorum is again down and out in Hoosierville. 2-08-12

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

He got enough signatures for Indiana.

I just saw on the CNN news ticker he got enough signatures for Indiana. He is leading Romney in the Minnesota polls...according to PPP.