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Focus on the long term fight, not short term setbacks.

This is a WAR of philosophies and political momentum. While electoral victories are important, long term political power is most effectively achieved by systematically and expanding the message. That's Ron's focus and it should be ours, too.

This is why Ron is right to focus on young people. A RP presidency is for me –and I think for him– a secondary goal. Reclaiming "conservatism" for the Constitution and Liberty - that's the primary aim. And, in order to do that, we need to win over the next generation.

Watching the Superbowl yesterday (forced into it, mind you), it dawned on me that the average American could not care less about their disappearing civil rights or a responsible foreign policy.

They genuinely, truly, care much, much more about football.


Folks, the "adults" have completely sold out. They are irretrievably lost in the Matrix goo.

The only hope for our country is that we get young people to think for themselves.

RP 2012!

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