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SIGN Petition: Visible and public recount of Nevada caucus !

If you believe in voter fraud at the Nevada caucus, please sign the following petition!

Copied from the description of the petition:

"Why This Is Important

We believe the current results are due to VOTER FRAUD. We will not stand for this, will not tolerate this. First it was Iowa, now it is Nevada. There is no reason why these votes are being done in private. There is no reason why it is taking this long to see the results and the results being shown are NOT accurate. We call VOTER FRAUD and DEMAND a public recount!"


*Edit: The petition was not started by me. I just found the link, posted in the comments on the veterans march facebook page.

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What happened to this petition..does anyone know?

..Anyone know if there is going to be a public recount?



I signed.


just to make sure I understand...

You want a recount of the ballots that are still in existence?

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Why not? Ron Paul got 30 more

Why not? Ron Paul got 30 more votes or so when they recounted the special caucus lived on CNN if I recalled correctly. They already took over a day to recount Clark County then they might as well recount the whole Nevada, especially Washoe County.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

No..those 30 came from the

No..those 30 came from the second room. If people with blank ballots are going into gated communities to count votes, then you will need handwriting analysis..it is too late now. Not too late to yell and do petitions (it is vote fraud, btw, not voter fraud) but too late to get a new result. Whoever orchestrated this should be investigated. I would also REALLY bug the outgoing chairman and make her testify as to what went on, and who was a party to it. We deserve our votes counted, AND in public. Diebold machines are NOT acceptable to the Public, either.



"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.


I think it said 173K signing




"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.

Recount ?

Start all over. Do the voting all over again. Announce when caucusing begins and allow folks to show up in time to vote.
Some showed up to locked doors as they were advertised as 9am to 1pm , but were over by noon.
Do the precinct ballot count in front of all the voters. Video cam the actual count.

This may be too costly to perform all over again in Nevada, but hope it gives the next caucus states a good idea of what's needed.

Signed with this quote

"When something important is going on, silence is a lie."
A.M. Rosenthal

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
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Signed it


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"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.



Not sure the picture is the best as it is biased towards RP

BUt I do hope that you get the 100,000 signatures! Will sign shortly!

This needs to be front page! Already at close to 2000 signatures!


This needs to go viral. Post it everywhere.


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Good luck

Just signed! Hope you get all the signatures and can make this happen.

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