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True Power of Words that Move the Human Soul into Action. You ALL have It withIN You!

Take it from what one writer did in China: Power of Initiative, Human Soul, and Voluntarysm.

When a single man in a nation of 1.5 BILLION people can do this, it can be done anywhere and everywhere.

The power to move, resides within each individual here, and everywhere else.


Deng Fei goes beyond journalism to right wrongs in China: Once a top investigative reporter in China, Deng Fei now writes a popular microblog that moves readers to action.

By Peter Ford, Staff writer / February 6, 2012 / Beijing

Investigative reporter Deng Fei won plaudits and nearly 3 million Chinese microblog followers with a string of articles on sensitive topics such as child trafficking, organ harvesting from death-penalty victims, and shoddy school construction.

Deng Fei (l.) began an influential blog that encourages readers to contribute to solutions. His latest cause: better nutrition for some 26 million rural schoolchildren. Readers have contributed $3.7 million.

Now he is parlaying his reputation into a groundbreaking project to turn his readers into active agents of social change in China. And he is changing the face of Chinese philanthropy as he does so.

Last year Mr. Deng gave up journalism, including his job at a Hong Kong magazine, and put his blogs to another use. He launched a charity to help provide lunches to rural schoolchildren free of charge. Within six months he had raised $3.7 million from individual donors who knew his reporting work and trusted him with their money...