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Wake up Ron Paul supporters! This is becoming 08 all over again!

We need to get off the computer and off the topic of delegates and GET OUT THE VOTE. Delegates are important but we are not going to gain any support from people on the fence if we do not win a state and win it now.

I fear people are getting too comfortable with this delegate talk. We absolutely need to win a state and stop looking at this campaign from a Ron Paul supporters point of view and look at it as a voter outside of the campaign and devise a way to attract new voters. All this election is about for most is beating Obama. Ron Paul's lack of ability to win a state does not give people on the fence assurance he can win, especially if they are constantly being told he is unelectable from the MSM.

We need to get votes even if it is just a straw poll because perception, sadly, is what it's all about and it's how you win. 08 was all about winning at the convention with delegates and it was an epic failure. We must boost support, momentum, and enthusiasm by winning states, even if that vote actually matters or not while maintaining our delegate strategy. The media is going to have more and more reason to write us off if we don't start winning.

We must have more support from the middle aged and elderly voters, because they are the ones who show up and vote. Ron Paul's youth support is great (I am part of that constituency) but they are not the most dependable to get out and vote, and def. not enough to out-vote the middle age and elderly. We MUST get our moms, dads, and grandparents on our side. This will make a huge difference. We need to stop talking to our young friends online and talk to our elders in person and show them videos and whatever else we can do. Once we have them converted they will convert their co-workers and friends. It's sad, but middle aged and elderly will not take advice from a college student, but parent's will listen and then they will spread the word to their middle age acquaintances.

We still have time, but we need to take action and triple our efforts and hours we have put in so far. We will not win this from the internet. We will have to practice the old school in-person discussions.

I recommend we all call a meeting with our parents, and if your away at school, call them up on the phone. I converted my whole family who didn't like Paul that much, but now they are all "Paulbots" too. It takes the spark that we all got from the internet to light the fire of liberty in peoples hearts, but the older generations are not on youtube and facebook, so we must light that fire with our passion and knowledge.

With all do respect and admiration for Ron Paul, he must get more aggressive asking for votes and support in his speeches and at debates. There might be vote fraud going on but it may also very well be we just don't have enough people showing up to vote. We NEED votes and we NEED moms, dads,and grandparents on board.

I am not putting in all of this effort, time, and money into this just to get enough delegates just to have a speech at the convention. I am in it to win. I hope you are too.

Ron Paul 2012!

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Good points then read this...


Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17