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LOL: "FBI Enlists Internet Café Owners to Spy on Customers!"

So okay while it's not hardy har har, but I can only foresee this becoming a situation where FBI will simply become OVERWHELMED with increasing and incessant report of govt workers into a new label "Government Terrorists," much like say if a city of 2 million were to have two fire departments, and once calls start coming in, in effect they would've neutered themselves.

Typically stupid govt lunacy/idiocy.

So frankly folks, don't fear the Police State, GAME it.

These idiots forgot who pays for their meal ticket apparently. But as with all these things, they'll all have to face the fact that once the currency collapses, frankly no one is gonna give a damn when they flash their badges.

When the American citizenry starts treating those shiny metal Halloween costume adornment for exactly what it is, instead of looking at it like some alchemical magically imbued symbolism of power, and learn to laugh AT them, the police state will instantly cease to exist.

Do the Non-Compliance Dance y'all. Or, as is the case here, make a good use of their system, by gaming it. I'm not recommending it. But it WILL happen anyway. Because that's the key lesson that these arrogant social engineers failed to learn: like a balloon being forcibly drowned, it constantly fights to get back up to the surface.

Likewise, the human soul will always fight to get back to its default position: to be Free!

So like those in the former Soviet Satellite vassal states, the denizens of each respective nation will simply do a passive aggressive dance of non-compliance or delayed compliance, at least by those with less direct confrontational mannerism.

One way or another, all tyrannies fail!


FBI Enlists Internet Café Owners to Spy on Customers

Monday, 6. February 2012
The Government’s Pretexts for Arresting Virtually Anyone

The US government has developed massive surveillance capabilities to monitor communications, travel and financial transactions in this country and abroad. But, even the government cannot monitor everything Americans do—not directly, anyway. Thus, it created the Communities Against Terrorism (CAT) program to enlist your friendly local businesses as spies for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The CAT program, funded by the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program (SLATT) is described as a “tool to engage members of the local community in the fight against terrorism.” The program interprets “local community” to mean businesses, and only registered businesses may access the program’s flyers listing “potential indicators” of terrorist activity.

Each flyer is designed for a particular kind of business. For example, this list was prepared for owners of internet cafes. Unquestionably, someone planning a terrorist attack has engaged in one or more of the “suspicious” activities on that list. But so, too, have most of the estimated 289 million computer users in this country...

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Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul