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NY Times piece on Ron Paul today


Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life

His parents married two days before the crash of 1929. He was reared on nightmarish stories of currency that proved worthless, told by relatives whose patriarch had fled Germany in the dark of night when his debts were about to ruin him.

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my favorite quote "to the right of atilla the hun"

how is he any way right to atilla the hun? what does that even mean? did he plunder a village in his youth?

why did Ron Paul oppose giving up the panama canal?

any specifics?

It seems like a good thing to

It seems like a good thing to keep if you ask me.

After doing a google search on "panama canal ownership" I found that the US legally purchased the site and developed the canal after the French project went bankrupt.

So property rights or sovereignty of a country were not compromised as far as I can see.


That's better than anything I'd ever expect to see from the NYT.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Overall, nice write up.

Overall, nice write up.

you betcha. I didn't read it

you betcha. I didn't read it the first time it was posted because of the "flinty" title. Glad I did, now, though.