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Article - Something Stinks in Nevada

A Rotting Fish in Nevada – Vote Fraud Paralyzes State

News February 6, 2012

LAS VEGAS — They came, They Saw, They threw away votes. Something stinks to high heaven in Nevada. I’m not a religious person but I’ll wager a bet that a lot of people are going to hell tonight.

There are only a few techniques which are useful for engaging in vote fraud. Electronic no paper trail voting machines are excellent. But they did not have these. They had paper ballots. Now in the small counties, where a bunch of people are in a room, they vote, the votes are counted, we see one pattern. Paul beats Gingrich in every contest. In Esmeralda county, Paul wins the whole county. But in large Wahoe county, the pattern reverses. What happens in large counties? Well they don’t count these votes in public. In fact in the special late caucus in Clark County, Paul wins resoundingly when they actually count the vote LIVE.

There is a bigger problem with the special late night vote in Las Vegas. The GOP insisted that those attending sign a statement declaring their religion as jewish or seventh day adventist. This is blatently illegal. It should result in a complete re-vote for all of clark county with public vote counting.

Let me posit a theory. When they take these big boxes of votes to a central location, all they have to do is open the box, take out so many votes for Paul (or Ballot slapping) and add so many fake ballots for Romney. The percentage skew is enough to change the winner. The beautiful part of this method is that if a campaign protests and demands a recount, the ballots enforce the fraud results as legitimate.

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..I'm in the East Coast and I can smell the stink from here! Damn those people!!!