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step it up because its almost over

The revolution will be alive after this election .That being said Ron Pauls chances to win the republican election are disappearing. yeah I know. 3rd party. wont work and Ron wont do it and I hope he does not do it. Most american people will not vote for Ron paul due to the media blackout.That is the truth. Google Ron paul and you get the racist newsletters nonsense and today it is Ron paul gets DOUBLE TRAVEL REIMBERSMENTS. Maybe something will change and willard or newt will be caught in a scandel but the way things look,its almost over. SO STEP IT UP BECAUSE AFTER THIS ELECTION IT IS GALTS GULCH TIME FOR MOST OF US.

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Ron is smart. He knows what is going on.

We are up against bad people and Ron knows it.

Always move forward with - Low Expectations.