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Gun Rights

I am an 80 yr old Korean Veteran. I cut my teeth on a gun barral. Didn't taste good at the time, but grew used to it !! I am Amazed at how many Cowards there are in OUR Country !!! The Old Folks and the Single mothers are afraid they'll lose everything if they don't re-elect this Illegal Arab African Immigrant.... They need to stop and wonder if they'll care lying in a ditch or street if they're dead ???? Do they Ever think about the safety of their children that after they're gone, some Stinking Illegal Muslim won't Sell them into SEX Slave Trades after they're done with them ??? These "people" have No Morals, they are the True Infidels, the Non-Beleivers, that Worship a False God, Allah, Another Child Rapist and Abusers of Livestock. That's their Lifestyle, they Prefer them than their own wives. They are the sickest of the sick, the most Vile Creatures on Earth !!!!!!!!!

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sadly to say

but you are correct , we have a brain washed ,lazy big government loving society that are more dependent on big brother because they have been lied to for so long and told that the only way they can get ahead is by accepting the notion that they don't need to work for what they have as long as they can get it from big brother