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It's Good to be King - Assert Your Rights and Throne

America was set up as a land where the people were the sovereigns and the state was the subject. Somewhere during the last 200 years or so the general consensus would say that system has been flipped on it's head.

Or has it?


Download the audio in that first section:

Robb Ryder - The foremost expert in this truth searching business with respect to the law and how it applies to free beings - Is on the verge of finally putting the secret puzzle together of the roadmap "out of babylon"

Some incredible revelations were made which would seem that the bible contains a code to get us out of the system of man and become part of the system of that the Divine created for us. Not religious - just an in depth look behind the veil.

Imagine what good Rob could do for all of us if we could do a moneybomb for him?

Robb's work has already had 100's of successes in saving peoples' homes that were in forclosure. This is Kitty's site who really went gang-busters with Robb Ryder's work:


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