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Help Ron Paul Win Minnesota / Maine!

Want to Help there early states, coming up Tuesday? Targeting Maine, Minnesota, Colorado? Target these states with $50 in free facebook advertising, create and ad and specify it in one state! Make sure your limit is $50 and that you type in the coupon code! Almost 10,000 can see this and then some click on it, make sure you do act upon this! This can help us! Lets win this! Ron Paul 2012!! https://apps.facebook.com/advertiseonfacebook/contests/17778...

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Do another post for Google too!

Someone on reddit pointed out that Google also has a coupon for their ads. That one is for $50!! https://services.google.com/fb/forms/yourbusiness/?site=haga...

Brilliant idea! Too bad it

Brilliant idea! Too bad it is only good on new ad accounts. I left the ad active anyways with the $50 budget.

one day

After one day my ad has reached 9,760 with 19 clicks!

Brilliant Idea

even if people don't click on the ad.. you can still get a message across for all to see..

One final bump..

I hope everyone see's this and acts on it...


Bump this up!


Bump it up everyone! Get creative it only takes about 5 minutes and around 10,000 can end up seeing it!