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Why Ron Paul is still going to win the Presidency!

This is premised on Ron Paul staying into the race until the convention.

The core issue is that we are all seeking a cause and that we have organization.

As we can see - Newt's money is gone and he was being propped up by corporate interests and corporate interests will not continue to prop up a loser. Rick Santorum is also being propped by corporate interest - but he also has some organization by Christians that have been duped by the system and fear/war mongering.

The corporate interests are not going to continue supporting Newt past yesterday's showing in Nevada - they are going to shift finances towards Romney if he needs it. After the caucuses tomorrow - Newt IS DONE - period.

This will finally split the conservative vote between two conservatives - Santorum and Paul. After Super Tuesday and the Virginia organizational debacle is made clear - Santorum is out. If there is any doubt about Newt's campaign at that time - it will also be wiped out then.

It is crucial that the campaign heavily promote that Ron Paul is the only one that has the organizational power to be effective in all the remaining states. This should especially be driven home - Santorum style in the next debate.

Once this occurs - the electorate will finally start listening and opening up to Ron Paul and his ideas - because everyone knows they don't want Romney. Romney cannot take away majority votes - and and long as we have that - we have a path to the nomination. The voting in the remaining caucus states should drive this home.

It takes money and organization to win the presidency- with organization being just as important as money.

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