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Was Ron Paul The REAL Winner in Nevada? When You Count All The Votes It Sure Looks That Way!

"Ron Paul won 58 percent of the vote in a large Clark County precinct and that was representative of his performance county-wide, the Texas Congressman should win the Nevada Caucus. Clark County alone represents more than half the vote in the entire state of Nevada. If Ron Paul won 58 percent of the 53 percent outstanding, compared to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent of the 47 percent counted, it’s a Ron Paul win."


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Man, that site is a mess

But he sure makes some astute observations. One other thing... if RP really did that well in Clark, wouldn't you think he'd have done even better in the rural areas? I mean come on... can you imagine Mittens fans out in the desert, living in mobile homes and shootin' snakes for supper? Please...


Best line ever... "When You Count All The Votes It Sure Looks That Way!"