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Oy! Ten Million For My Very Own Caucus And What Do I Get?

Bupkus, that’s what I get! Bupkus!

I don’t understand it! Saturday night in Vegas. I figure all the goyim are out drinking and gambling. (Note, send free line pass for a gondola ride at the venetian mall to registered republicans. Sales are for shit).

But no. Everything’s hunky dory and then a whole BUSLOAD of these Paul Putzes pulls up. Apparently they all had to work Saturday morning and then they decided to show up thinking they could vote. Well, we took care of them. We told them they couldn’t vote unless they signed a contract to become Jewish. We sent their sorry asses home and got the party started. It’s Gingrich Time! Bar’s open! Cash only, please.

But wait! A half hour later they all came back wearing yamulkas! Where the hell did they get a case of yamulkas on a Saturday night? And they paid RETAIL!

Who are those guys? I mean, they all had JOBS! (Note; increase bribes to culinary union execs)

And to make matters worse, CNN decides to show the caucus LIVE. Oh my freaking god, Paul this and Paul that, it made me want to spit up my borscht. (Note; call Murdoch and make that pansy an offer he can’t refuse)

I mean, what happened to all my Jews? Then I found out the locals casinos were doing two for one buffets and 3 times points on the penny slots. Do I have to think of everything?

And even with all this, everything would have been fine and my boy Newt would have been home free but Mormons kept popping up like mushrooms all over the place! Geez, do they even know how to SPELL birth control? Now the numbers are all upside down, and I am verklempt.

I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna buy about 10,000 square miles in southern Utah (Note; check leasing terms first). Then I’m gonna rent the entire US Air Force and kidnap every stinking Palestinian I can lay my hands on, strap a parachute on him, and drop him in Utah. I’ll show those Mormons how to pack a caucus.

I mean the fix was in. It was all set. The local GOP boys were ready to play ball (Note: don’t forget to send them their bonuses), and then I run into the stupidest stumbling block I never saw coming. Democracy! In America! Go figure.

Well, I’m pretty much done. Screw America. I’m moving to China. Commies are much cheaper to bribe, and they stay bought. For me, value is everything.

Obama in 2012. After all, that is the plan.


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"Then I found out the locals casinos were doing two for one buffets and 3 times points on the penny slots." OMG

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Bobspirit, you ARE a comedy wrter! That was hilarious

And maybe pretty damn good at flushing out trolls. FBI_EXPOSER? Reeeeeealy......



Thanks bobspirit I don't

Thanks bobspirit I don't think you're a troll at all. You are awesome! I hope we get official word on the link you provided on the other thread so we can get this Nevada thing worked out. RP people ARE so diligent and paranoid. : )

OMG that was hysterical!! You

OMG that was hysterical!! You have tons of chutzpa for writing about that schlep..
"the locals casinos were doing two for one buffets and 3 times points on the penny slots. Do I have to think of everything?" had me ROFL!!
I just bet he was going thru something similar..man that was funny..
Jews love to laugh at themselves..:)

I think bobspirit might be a troll.

He's posting the bogus link all over the place from "official HQ" to where you're supposed to post your NV precinct results, now this post?

A little too obvious, Bob.

Say What?

The link was given to me by a very busy young man at the HQ at 2:45 this afternoon. Here's my personal e-mail. I'll give you his, and you can ask him.


I'll also give you the Nevada canpaign managers e-mail and number. His name is Carl Bunce. Give him a call. He knows me. I'm a precinct coordinator, a caucus chair, and I pulled 76% for Paul and all 5 delegates. Precinct 1677. Check it out.

I also write comedy, and I just love how the billionaire trying to buy this thing got taken down in his own back yard. Hence my satirical piece.

You don't like it, that's cool, but please take the paranoid accusations elsewhere. We've still got lots of work to do.

Then Carl can post it...

...or add a comment that it's legit with a verifiable tieback that it came from him.

Funny Thing About Me

It never even occurred to me that anything I might say or do here could be misunderstood or misconstrued.

Here's Carl's e-mail. He's pretty busy right now trying to wrestle the Nevada GOP hierarchy to the ground on behalf of Dr. Paul and the campaign, and wasn't in when I stopped by today, but I'm sure that tending to your anxieties will be a big priority for him. carlbunce@ronpaul2012.com

Let me ask you a question. What in hell are you so afraid of?

I thought is was funny. ;)

I thought is was funny. ;)

But yeah, saying a link to a random survey website is "official" is setting you up for suspicion. Unless you've been posting here for a long time or sent a link to the actual HQ domain, I don't blame anybody for questioning that.

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This deserves another look!

thanks bobspirit, your humor is the best :-)

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix