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Ron Paul Strategy with RNC. Paul Or Obama

I think Paul and Paul Supporters should tell the Republican National Convention that Paul supporters will vote for Obama if Paul continues to be treated unfairly with all of the voter FRAUD, and lack of media Support.

Paul should come out and tell the RNC that if he does not get the nomination and not on the ballot in November his supported will all vote Obama. I think that will really shake things up.

I for one would vote Paul or write in Paul, or even consider NOT voting due to all of the blatant FRAUD.

I think Ron Paul campaign will start pushing this agenda to see how he starts being treated

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dont u get it

They want romeny becuz that's the only person obama can defeat the establishment of both parties want another 4 years of tyranny....it will take a revolution to stop it...so if u tell then that they wouldn't mind....its all a show ron paul is the one trying to do something about it and letting u know so u can help take back are country