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RP supporters make the evening news in Harrisonburg, VA [Video]

Ron Paul supporters make the evening news in Harrisonburg, VA

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a better way to approach this than sign waving....

you guys have to walk your precincts and phone bank because what that is doing is reaching a targeted audience, i.e., a republican super voter.

sign waving is energy that could be best used for something else.

I thank you for your

I thank you for your activism. One suggestion I may make. I would not say vote for peace on a sign. I would say NO undeclared WARS! People do not seem to appreciate any peace movement, for whatever reason. Been that way for 50 years..

Personally, I think that's

Personally, I think that's because the elections have been rigged since World War I.

Good point

DP is not anti-war, he just wants to follow the proper channels. It's the MSM making him seem like Ghandi that makes people oh-so-nervous about his foreign policy.

It's sad, but peace is not popular.