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*Tennessee Police Targeting Ron Paul Supporters*

On the evening of December 12th, 2011, I stopped by my place of employment, Pizza Hut on Alcoa Highway in Alcoa, TN across from McGhee-Tyson Airport, in order to check my schedule for the week. After leaving Pizza Hut, I turned right onto Alcoa Highway and proceeded to head North. I turned right onto Wright Rd. (between Shoney's and the Exxon station). At this time I noticed an Alcoa Police cruiser was directly behind me. As I approached the back entrance to the Marathon gas station on my right, the police cruiser's lights came on and I proceeded to make a right turn into the Marathon driveway. As I sat in my car, I was approached by Alcoa Police Department's Officer Brooks at 10:00pm, (Officer ID#6542). Officer Brooks informed me that he had pulled me over for having a headlight out. He claimed to have noticed the headlight as I was pulling onto Alcoa Highway. I told officer Brooks that my car had recently been experiencing some electrical problems and I asked him if he would mind checking the headlight again. Officer Brooks checked the headlight and admitted to me that it was NOW working. At this time Officer Brooks quickly asked me if he could search my vehicle. I refused to allow him to search my vehicle because I did not feel the officer had probable cause and that in doing so, he would be violating my 4th amendment rights. I remarked to the officer that having a potential malfunctioning headlight is not probable cause to search a vehicle. Officer Brooks then says "So, what you're telling me is that you are refusing to let me search your vehicle because of your 4th amendment rights?" and I replied "Yes sir, I refuse to have my 4th amendment rights violated". At this point and time Officer Brooks instructed me to stay in the vehicle. I proceeded to sit in my car as Officer Brooks had instructed me to do so and then Officer D.J. Porter of the Maryville Police Department arrived on the scene. Officer D.J. Porter is a K9 officer and approached my vehicle to ask me if he could search it. I told Officer Porter the exact same thing I had told Officer Brooks. Officer Porter persisted with his questioning and eventually asked me if I would mind stepping out of the vehicle. I told officer Porter that I would prefer not to step out of the vehicle, but to avoid any scenes or potential violence, I would reluctantly step out. I made it clear to Officer Porter that in no way am I willfully subjecting myself to a search. As soon as I stepped out of the vehicle, Officer Porter and the other officers present immediately swarmed in on me. They placed my hands on top of my head and forced me to spread my legs. Officer Porter proceeded to conduct his TSA style pat-down on my body as I remain surrounded by police officers. During his pat-down, Officer D.J. Porter groped by genital region, ran his fingers down the crack of my buttocks, and inserted his fingertips down the front of my pants where he brushed the shaft of my penis. As I felt Officer Porter's hand on my penis, I made the following comment: "Wow, I had a headlight out and now I'm getting groped". Officer Brooks along with the other present officers directed me to "Hush up" and "Settle down" after I made the comment about being groped. After Officer Porter was finished with his pat-down search, I was escorted to Officer Brook's police cruiser parked directly behind my car. I was detained at the front of the police cruiser and was being closely guarded by two officers on either side. (Please note: at this time, Officer Brooks still had possession of my driver's license, thus he WAS detaining me.... Also please note: At no time did any of the officers admit to seeing, smelling, or detecting any signs of drugs, alcohol, or driver impairment). As I was being detained at Officer Brooks' cruiser, Officer Porter informed me that he was now going to escort his German Shepherd around the perimeter of my car and that IF his dog got a "hit", this would give him and the dog probable cause to search the interior of my vehicle. (please note: Police dogs have a 20% success rate... please think about that... if you made 20% on a test, you'd fail... so how come we allow a citizen's innocence to be decided by a dog with a 20% success rate?... just ponder that for a while). I once again informed Officer Porter that he did not have my permission to search any part of my vehicle. Officer Porter proceeded to walk his dog around the perimeter of my car. There were no barks, no squeaks, no scratches, nothing. Nothing occurred that would have audibly signaled the dog had made a "hit". Officer Porter returned to the cruiser where I was being detained and informed me that his dog had made 2 hits on my car, one on the passenger side door and one on the front driver's side headlight, (the same headlight that has supposedly been "out"). Officer Porter informed me that because of the two "hits", he now had permission to allow his dog entry to my vehicle. Officer Porter proceeded to open the doors to my car and allowed his German Shepherd to search it. The dog and Officer Porter rooted through my car for a few minutes and nothing was found. Officer Porter then proceeded to pop the hood of my car and continued to search under it with the dog. After a quick dog search of the headlight area, Officer Porter put his k9 partner back in the car and then was joined by another unnamed officer. Officer Porter and his mystery accomplice began to root around under my hood as I remained detained at the cruiser parked behind my vehicle. It is important to note that during the time when the officers are searching under my hood, I am kept out of view of my engine. I was not allowed to see what the two officers were doing under my hood. After several minutes of searching under the hood, the officers returned to Officer Brooks' cruiser and proceeded to question me. I was asked "Where's the drugs?", "Do I smoke Marijuana?" "Have I ever smoked Marijuana?" "Go ahead and tell us where it is", and then Officer Porter says "It'd be a real shame if we have to tear your engine apart, but we will". I responded with "There are no drugs in the car and if you tear the engine apart, I hope you can afford to fix it". The officers then huddled together for a few minutes and then approached me once again. This time they proceed to give me back my driver's license and release me from detainment, but not before telling me that I was "lucky" and that I was "getting away with it this time". The officers were implying that I had committed a crime and due to lack of evidence, they had to let me go, but they still KNEW I was guilty. It was kinda like, "hey kid, watch your back, we're on to you, we'll get you". The officers literally tried to intimidate me after not being able to find drugs in my car. When I finally got back in my car, I was shocked to find that my car wouldn't start. I had to flag down the last officer pulling out so I could get him to hold a flashlight while I hooked my battery terminals back up. That's right, Officer Porter and his assistant had unhooked my battery terminals while I was being detained earlier. Once I got the car started, I noticed that Officer Porter had ripped out the doorlock console from the passenger's side door, it was now hanging by wires. I also notice a VERY strong smell of dog urine, that's right, Officer Porter's K9 had urinated all over my backseat and personal belongings. The next morning I called the Alcoa Police Department and spoke with the police chief to try and determine why Officer Brooks had originally wanted to search my car. The police chief called me back several hours later to inform me that Officer Brooks had claimed to have smelled Marijuana. Rest assured, and this is the 100% truth, there is absolutely no possible way that the smell of Marijuana was coming from my car. If, and it's a HUGE "if", Officer Porter did in fact smell Marijuana, it could have been coming from the trailer park that was less than 10ft away, or perhaps the gas station that was less that 16ft away. Regardless, the odor, (which was not detectable by me), did not come from my vehicle and more than likely never existed. The TRUE reason I was searched more than likely is because I was a victim of "police profiling". You must understand that I am a very passionate political activist and that I campaign heavily for Texas Congressman, Ron Paul. My car has a total of SIX "Ron Paul for President" stickers on it and rather large "Ron Paul" sign in the back window. Ron Paul's views conflict with that of law enforcement and I feel that I was targeted for this very reason. It may seem far fetched, but if you do a quick search for similar cases, you will find that I am not the only Ron Paul supporter who has been harassed and detained by the police. In fact, the FBI just released a report today informing U.S. citizens that people like myself who oppose the federal government, taxation, drug laws, and promote a gold standard monetary system are a THREAT to America's safety! That's right, the FBI is now labeling my friends and myself as "domestic terrorists". For those of you who know me, I think you know that I'm not a violent person and that I would never do harm to others. I spend my time promoting peace and love, not terrorism. Please do not allow law enforcement to wrongfully depict myself and others as terrorists. We love America, we want to save it... through peaceful, non-violent resistance. Please share this story with your friends, neighbors and loved ones. The legal battle ahead is a long one and even my attorneys admit that it's highly unlikely that we can have Officer D.J. Porter, Officer Brooks or any of the other officers involved removed from the force. I am currently seeking a more optimistic legal council at this time. I'm not so willing to let these corrupt police officers get away with this. I just want to make sure they can't do it to someone else. Thanks for reading the story. May liberty prevail!

Please feel free to contact the Maryville Police Department in Maryville, TN and the Alcoa Police Department in Alcoa, TN to let them know that you are aware of their officers violating citizens' 4th amendment rights and civil liberties and that you will not tolerate it.

Also, if anyone has access to decent legal help that will STAND for liberty despite not making a huge profit, please let me know. I could really use some better attorneys for this case. Thanks! Peace be with you.

* I removed the facebook address because I'm tired of being harassed over it. In fact, I'm tired of the whole thing. I'm an American, I should be able to live my life in peace without having to expose tyranny, but this is just the hand life has dealt me. I'd honestly love to find a truly FREE society and move there, too bad there's none left.

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Trying to delete this

Trying to delete this comment.

That was tough to read...

both because the story pissed me off, and the lack of paragraphs made me keep losing my place..

It smells like.......

profiling to me.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

I have no doubt you were

I have no doubt you were profiled. These moron cops obviously watch the MSM just as much as the rest of this braindead country, and the media has been running the drug legalization line, particularly marijuana throughout the primary process.

My car too is plastered with 18" Ron Paul magnets and a nice 32" vinyl decal in the back window... Luckily my headlights are in working order. I don't drink, smoke, or do any drugs of any kind. Oh the wrath that will result in someone profiling me in this way, not to mention shoving their hand down my pants over a supposedly busted headlight.

You handled yourself well, but unfortunately you were at the mercy of power drunk bullies. I think you should follow the advice of some of the legal personalities that have made comments on here. You should remove the post, and take legal action. You're right, you will probably not be able to remove the officers from the force, as they can murder people in cold blood and still keep their jobs. I would sue for damages, because that may be your only chance to send a message. (Of course, a legal settlement would come from local taxpayers... Ahh the irony of it all.)

Oh, and a suggestion if you do keep this post up, add some paragraph breaks to break up this wall of text and make it more readable!

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

I live in Tennessee

The Tennessee highway patrol been stopping out of State drivers and fleecing them for years for money.Mostly on I-40 Got cash for vacation.They will take it. Watch U tube[ Tennessee law enforcement stealing money from out of state innocent motorist.]A Texas plate will get you stopped with a Ron Paul sticker. We have the first TSA truck stop checks in the nation. Forget Rand Paul in Nashville airport.I believe Tennessee will be the first state to become a police state in the country

Money talks and dogs bark

You will NOT find a bar attorney to help you.

I will however. Send me a PM and we'll see what we've got to work with.

He was arrested, without his

He was arrested, without his rights being read to him. The Supreme court has held several times, that when you "feel" you are not free to go, then you have been arrested. Also they have stated, "That it is just plain common sence, that BEFORE you can be 'detained', you MUST have been arrested".

File suit for false arrest and supena ALL electronic communication devices from these sad excusses for "public servants". I have a very nice paper ordering the taking of both work and home computers, phones, ipods...to be held until a forensic audit can be done, to prove the claim of profiling, not mention what else you may find. At the very least the officer(s) will have to explain to thier family's why they are going to be without most of thier toy's for a few months.

If you want it or I can help, let me know. E-mail to: dallascounty@live.com or Phone the Just-Us L.A.W. ctr. @ 417-345-0069. Liberty Always Wins, a NON-BAR study group.

Also look up, "Rod Class vrs North Carolina" (state highway patrol and D.O.T.) It was found that both were private companies with NO authority. You will find the same thing about your local police. Search at Manta dot com.

I hope this helps.

Hey, I added that number to


I added that number to my skype contact list, is it applicable?

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I don't have access to Skype.

I don't have access to Skype. E-mail coming your way shortly.

Decent complaint letter - but look into paragraphs

and also, Pauls views do Not differ from that of law enforcment officers necessarily - you could say that his campaign has been maligned by many who associate it with drug use.

It's very possible

that he was stopped simply for the stickers. A cop who may deal with marijuana users on a regular basis may notice the correlation with Ron Paul/freedom after several interactions. Many who don't know anything about Ron Paul will only know that he's the "crazy" candidate out to legalize marijuana, so that may be the correlation. Don't forget that we are also viewed by many as today's modern day hippies.

Aside from that point, let's not forget about the internal memo in the Missouri State Police Department regarding what may constitute a militia member. Tennessee Police may have something similar in effect that is not known to the public.

You can stick up for your rights and refuse the search, but you're going to have to ask yourself if it's worth the hassle and time it's going to take for them to get a K-9 out there. Not to mention the fact that you're already perceived as uncooperative. If you have nothing to hide, just let them search and you'll be on your way a lot sooner. I know it sucks, but sometimes you have to pick your battles. Something to think about.

sry - i did it reflexively when I saw the hippie comment.

I don't think I can take it back even though I immediatly regretted it.


Take what back - a down vote? If you wish, you can vote it up and it will cancel it out, but it doesn't matter. Wouldn't be the first time I got down voted for not saying the "popular" thing. : )

You may contact us for help

We'll try to do what we can http://www.winliberty.com

Some initial advice: take down this post and any other pages you've posted in public fora.

No reason to tell the other guys what you think and/or plan...anything you say can and will be used against you.

We'll advise (assuming we can be of help) via telephone and email.

What you did...

My husband was stopped in IA, he was out of town on business (he's a contractor and was working over nights at a local shop while it was closed). Since he had his truck and trailer with him he opted to find a camp site and sleep in his trailer. To make a long story short he woke to yelling and pounding, when he answered the door the local PD (two squads) and a DNR said they were called in because someone smelled marijuana (as in your situation it was just not possible)... Initially he was going to decline the search but after the cops told him invoking his constitutional rights would insure they bring in a K9, swat, arrest him and carry out a number of time consuming and uncomfortable procedures, he consented. Anyone trying to invoke their constitutional rights will be challenged because they know they have every opportunity to make your life miserable. I full well believe dogs can be taught to give false hits, and I wouldn't doubt that some cops would think it was hilarious to train their dog to pee on cue. It's possible you were targeted because of your stickers (Paul IS a constitutionalists) but I would bet it was you "challenging" them that lead to all this. They didn't pursue the matter because they didn't feel like there was a case. All this sounds like another good reason to end the war on drugs. I hope you can get this all worked out... aside from filing a complaint or pressing charges I wouldn't know what to suggest. My husband wouldn't press charges or file a complaint, said he was just glad to be able to finish the job he had started.

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul

Your headline is deceiving

What is your proof that they actually targeted you because you are a Ron Paul supporter? I'm not defending what they did to you by any means whatsoever, but after reading your post I failed to draw the connection of how they "targeted" you because your a RP supporter. I understand you had some RP bumper stickers on your car, but was there anything else? Just that alone makes the "they targeted me because I support RP" theory seem a little far fetched. Based on this reasoning, anybody who gets pulled over with a bumper sticker on their car can claim that the police targeted them because the cops did not like what their bumper sticker said. Somebody can have a Metallica bumper sticker on their car and get pulled over then claim the police targeted them because they liked Metallica...see where I'm going with this. I think a little more proof is needed before you can make the claim that the police are targeting Ron Paul supporters.

Did the officer make any comments about RP or anything like that? If he did, then I can draw the connection.

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington

As if they are going to admit it?

So they have to confess directly to the CRIME in order for you to believe it? Are you serious? Mannnn that is really disappointing. Either this guy is blatantly lying in his post, or he was targeted for being an RP supporter.

Point blank.

I'm also thinking you might be a cop... which means... it's okay if someone's rights are violated if it's a member of "the brotherhood" that's doing the violating.

When are people going to realize we are being divided by the elite - they are pitting us against each other.

You're way off base

With the federalisation of the police, they are being trained by the feds to be more aggressive, hostile, and to bend or break the law for their enforcement needs. If you're a Ron Paul supporter you know how to google information.

Furthermore, I'm a 60 yr old ex-neocon who does know how to google and when I started googling Ron Paul when Hermain Cain dropped out I was so mad at Fox News for being slick liars that I became a political activist for Ron Paul. I spent 3 or 4 days every week before the WA State caucus with Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers on the street. One thing became apparent, within 30 minutes there would be cops buzzing around me, some even parking a little ways away watching. I live in a city of about 40,000 and had never had this happen before. Cops, lots of cops wherever I would be with the sign wave. THEY ARE WATCHING.

Headline not deceiving,

From the story, it seems that the cops in question really were convinced that they would find something. Unless something vital was left out, the only explanation for this really is profiling.

Stop smoking weed...your

Stop smoking weed...your acting paranoid.

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington


Never tried "weed" in my life, who's paranoid now? BTW, it is "you're" not "your".

yeah man, you got me there

yeah man, you got me there (on the grammar part)...and BTW I was just busting your chops, wait...you're chops...nope, I was right the first time...your chops

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington

"stop Smoking your weed",

"stop Smoking your weed", yeah, I stopped listening when you said that. These 'sweeping generalizations' are the kind of things we here from people who hate Paul and think all his supporters are druggies.

Also, there are THOUSANDS of accounts like this in recent years(even caught on the dashboard cams from time to time, so it's not unimaginable), and dozens from Paul supporters having such events in the past couple months. Not all police are this way(I personally grew up in an area where they were particularly neighborly), but to deny inconsistencies with the system is like saying Abugraib or similar incidents don't happen cause 'the military is nice'. In general they are, it's who runs them, sets their rules(and who they fight), and the 'sour' ones that often go unpunished that make it worse.

Friendly Police

Yeah I grew up with friendly police -- in the 50's and 60's. I went to a local citizens police academy last spring because I'm retired and wanted to get involved with CERT and disaster response locally. That was an eye opener. The top cops are CA imports and the police had a very disturbing attitude: arrogant, hostile, paranoid, and uncouth. THEY AREN'T PUBLIC SERVANTS NOW. They are the standing army Gen'l Washington warned us about. SAD!

Police weren't always friendly to all

I too grew up in the sixties with friendly police in Detroit. My eyes opened when I was about 16 and a my only black friend's parents picked me up at a local school parking lot on a Saturday morning. It was in a white neighborhood. A police car pulled up. The officer came up to the car and asked my friend's father, "What the hell are you doing here?" I was shocked by the rudeness because every exchange I had ever had with police had been cordial. Moral to the story: perhaps the rudeness is shifting or expanding to additional demographic groups rather than being something new.

Agree, but if this is all a COP needs to do to COP-a-feel.. wow.

Everyone is at risk.

COP gangs are dangerous.


Drove all through SouthWest Tennessee today...

And ALL OVER HIGHWAY 51 NORTH AND SOUTH WERE RON PAUL SIGNS. I mean everywhere. I'm talking anywhere within a 50 mile radius of the towns of Ripley and Obion. On all those damn turnpikes were the signs. I LMAOED

very nice to know that signs are everywhere there

i'm from massachusetts and it's liberal and romney country

but i saw a paul supporter on the highway today (a rare occurrence) and i waved.

This doesn't sound far

This doesn't sound far fetched to me at all. It's a fact that the SLPC (Southern Poverty Law Center) conducts law enforcement training seminars all over the country, and they teach officers how to identify people who are potentially 'dangerous' or 'terrorists'. They teach police officers that things to look for include "constitutionalists", John Birch Society members, and Ron Paul supporters among others. Washington State Rep. Matt Shea, a strong Ron Paul supporter, has been declared by the SPCA as one of the '10 most dangerous state legislators' in the U.S.

The Ron Paul stickers on the car, and the fact the victim was a young man, makes me think this post is very plausible, even probable.