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Campaign Spam and Robo Calls are turning off voters

The campaign is sending out too many mailings and placing too many robo calls to voters. Several of my friends/family members over the last week have complained about the number of calls they received.

Yesterday alone, I received 3 different Ron Paul mailings and had about 4 different calls from the Campaign. People I know are getting calls ALL DAY LONG and are getting sick of it.

This needs to stop.

(10:59:12 AM) FRIEND1: wtf they can still leave me messages even though I blocked their call, fucking lame, I'm going to contact them and tell um they're this close to losing my vote

(10:59:37 AM) FRIEND1: I'm mad at Ron's campaign

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They don't get it

They don't get it yet.

Otherwise, they would understand the desperation.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

call nick spanos too. He runs the phone from home program

we do not need to go into details here in public view, but their are issues with the system that need to be addressed by the campaign & they would do well not to ignore the submissions. I have made thousands of calls & I am very familiar with the system & there are things that need to be addressed, but they should be addressed to the campaign-and the concerns should not fall on dead ears.

james williams


Just look at most of these coments. Most all are talking against the campain and how it is being run. The more exsposure the better. We have trolls trying to take over this site people. Vote them down. Ron 2012

It's now or never for freedom

No. We're talking about

No. We're talking about using resources wisely and not bugging people to death.

I wasn't going to bring it up again, but since I see the post on the front page I'll mention it.

I went home for lunch today. On the answering machine from the previous hour was a robo call from Ron Paul asking me to participate in the caucus. While on lunch, I received another (non-robo call) from a volunteer.

This is after calls from Ron Paul plus other volunteers the past 4 or 5 days in a row.

Furthermore, I got a call from someone a few days ago that I chatted to for a while. Told him all about my support of Ron Paul and my being elected as delegate in 2008.

Later in the day I logged into the VoteTracker system and looked up my information. There was absolutely NOTHING about me in the Database. Nothing about me being a Ron Paul supporter and nothing about me being a delegate.

Maybe it's the DB that's messed up and that it's not being updated properly, therefore people are getting calls over and over again.


This is where it is and you comment should be represented at the Ron Paul campaign table.

I do this stuff professionally.

We NEVER would do the robocall crap that I'm seeing reported.

I'll give it to everyone that the robocall complaints from average voters simply are complaints from voters who won't vote and therefore don't matter.

However, it's demonstrably easy, beyond easy even, for any campaign to take, say, the name field and thus pre-screen EVERY damn last of the known supporters from the robo effort.

It takes only SECONDS to do so using what I use, what most companies use, which is a 3rd party dialer system. Seconds not to piss off your known supporters.

Why would I want to call you twice? I wouldn't, right? Especially if it meant the risk of pissing off someone.

People LOVE to feel special. They HATE that the campaign is, apparently, calling them like the typical voter.

Stop it! It's so easy to stop, crap, you really only have to do the phone field, make your match on that and don't call that household.

2 fields, you do the search, it takes a second or so, and you are done.

EVERY system has this (I question whether the proprietary system being used in the RP phone from home system has this, it MIGHT be that it doesn't, but still it relies on database. So, even if the system doesn't allow filtering by field the same thing MAY be accomplished by simple filtering of the database, the hardcore stuff, takes a COUPLE of seconds.

NEVER piss off a supporter!

I SAY....

Keep up the good work getting out the vote. Seriously who complains about this? I give my sales people bonuses for customers that call me complaining they have been contacted too much.

Call Mike Rothfeld and tell him.

Seriously, rather than b*tch online, go to ronpaul2012.com, scroll to bottom, call the number for HQ and share your opinion with them like an adult.

As stated above, one of the

As stated above, one of the people making the complaints tried to file a complaint online but the form would never submit after filling in the information.

I can probably call the campaign and try for them though.

Agreed, these do more harm than good

A single polite call one time as a reminder of how your support is appreciated is one thing, but multiple calls with recorded voices I find extremely annoying.

Devil's advocacy here:

Very likely more voters NEED 5-10 phone calls before the vote to keep them focused on keeping their word, otherwise campaigns wouldn't do it. If a voter is committed to Ron Paul they should actually appreciate seeing such a thorough turnout effort being waged.

I asked Ron Paul 2012 to quit all snail mail to me and they said they would but I've lately received a couple of campaign letters, one a donation request and one urging me to vote in the NH primary that seems to have been mailed a little late. A more responsive communication system should always be a priority for campaigns.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

What? 5-10 calls?

I'll take a single call please. No one likes to get these calls at home and if I got 10 calls for the same freakin thing after I already told them I would vote it would piss me off!

Perhaps I'm unique?

Then who would you vote for if you got 11 calls?

????? Some one different because you don't like to be bugged about voting for Ron Paul?

You'd be unique if where for that reason, getting pissed at grass roots doing their work, that you would then pull out a 1911 45 Cal. and take special aim at the big toe on your left foot...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

These people need to shut up.

These people need to shut up. If the campaign calls it's because you gave your number to someone with the implied consent to call you. If you don't want to receive political calls don't give out your phone number to the Supervisor of Elections, the political Party, or your candidates. Once you volunteer the number they are not obligated to observe the National Do Not Call List.
Personally I love receiving the calls from all of them. For the others it gives me a chance to tell them off and explain what a creep their candidate is. Calls from the Paul campaign let me verify that my contributions are being used wisely, and I get to encourage a Paul volunteer who has to listen to abuse from assholes from 9 out of every 10 calls they make.
So like I said Shut the hell up!

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

And stop the freaking beg letters!!

I'm in a state that doesn't vote until May so I don't get the calls and mailings, but I get "beg" letters about once a week. I've contributed multiple times via the web. The campaign should be smart enough to know that they don't need to send me this junk mail all the time.

Also, I've donated many hundreds of dollars to the campaign and they've sent me dozens of letters - not once have they sent me a bumper sticker... but I can go to my local GOP meeting and get Romney and Gingrich stickers. wtf? Does the Paul campaign not want people to know that there are Paul supporters in their neighborhood and city?

Man... I couldn't give you a

Man... I couldn't give you a big enough 'thumbs-up' for your comment.

I agree, that's a waste of

I agree, that's a waste of money. Once they know you are a regular contributor the mailings are a complete waste of funds, a simple no cost email should sufice in that case.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

I personally believe

I personally believe volunteers would get much more bang for the buck/time by canvassing neighborhoods and dropping off brochures.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Campaign should provide an

Campaign should provide an "opt-out" for people who already contribute. Sounds like a simple thing they could do to fix this.


Yeah,there should be that.

Current supporters should be opted-out of the phone from home.

I'm sure they've tried to do that...it's a database thing.

Probably they've done what they can do.

This is always a risk.

Not call enough, or call too much.

Personally, I hate calls.
But maybe it works to overall benefit, I don't know.

I do know that there are a lot of people who are trying to help out by calling, and maybe it might be getting to be a bit much.
A real RP supporter might find it slightly annoying, but it wouldn't put him off voting. If they are threatening to not vote for RP over that, then they aren't really supporters.

probably you are correct

People need to get a life.

Who the heck doesn't understand that it's time to do something?

Past time.

Some people are worried about phone calls?

I do that.

I place lots, and lots of such calls.

I don't answer my own phone...if I did, I'd need to listen to someone like me.

I choose not to listen to me.

Who the hell can't get into the modern groove?

I was called 3 times

I was called 3 times yesterday. I have not received 1 call from Romney or the other 2 dorks. I took it as the Paul camp is trying to win. It is not annoying to me to get those calls. If there are people getting mad at these calls then they are not true Ron Paul supporters. Lose a vote because the candidate is trying to win? Adam, tell your friends to pull their heads out.

Can try, but they get annoyed

Can try, but they get annoyed when receiving calls at work. They are true Ron Paul supporters. Supported him in the 2008 election and have given him money many times between 2008-2012.

And not only have I received the calls from the RP campaign, but I have also received calls from the THREE other 'dorks' in the race.

Got my first Santorum call yesterday.
{ I laughed }

If the campaign telephones a work number

it is because they were given that number in conjunction with a particular name. Folks have only themselves to blame if they give out a work telephone in an effort to protect what they consider their "private" information.

As for calls while someone is "at work," schedules are such that no caller can be expected to "know" what an individual's work schedule might be. Calling between the "optimum" hours of 6 - 9pm, we have reached folks who ask us to call back because they are at work and can't talk just then.

Phil. 4:13

calls at work?

Calls at work?

I'd get annoyed if I was the employer.

Cell phone calls.. but calls

Cell phone calls.. but calls while she is at work.

two responses

(1) The campaign should and must listen to this kind of feedback and adjust their operations accordingly. Pissing people off is obviously undesirable; we need to maximize our resources, not push them away.

(2) You might try talking with your friends if/when they get annoyed and ask them which is more annoying, an energetic push to get every vote out for president Paul, or the police state and debt destruction we're headed for without him? (Alter the wording to suit your taste/situation/friend.)

The calls will end soon. The police state and debt won't.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

stop robo calls

no1 likes robo calls

everyone loves robo

W-e a-r-e h-e-r-e f-o-r y-o-u-r s-a-l-v-a-t-i-o-n.

face it

your friends don't like Ron Paul, aren't interested in Ron Paul, and wouldn't vote for Ron Paul if he was the last man on Earth.

You have lousy friends. I'd lose them. Start making calls and make new better friends who appreciate FREEDOM.

I WOULD LOVE A PHONE CALL... if they got my answering machine they would hear MY message, "Hi, you've reached the home of a PROUD RON PAUL REPUBLICAN!"

Adjust your answering machine.