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Should Ron Paul drop out of the Race, right now?

Just an open question.

We have seen vote fraud in Nevada and Iowa. And, who knows what kind of fraud took place in SC and NH.

I think for those of us who follow Ron....we know that his support is much, much higher than the media reports.

If the media really puts this much time and energy into marginalizing Ron as much as they do.....he is obviously a massive threat.

Some points:

- The Republican party controls all of the primaries. It's a certainty that anytime Ron gets big support in a state that could be deemed a threat, they will move the vote to a secret location, or somehow rig the vote.

- It has been stated time and time again that the other candidates need to "be nice" to Ron Paul If not, the Republicans cannot win the nomination from Barack Obama.

- The Republican party also handles the Republican nomination process. Does any Ron Paul supporter seriously think they would give the nomination to Ron under any circumstance? They can elect anyone President. They could elect Marcio Rubio or Mitch Daniels at the last second.


How much would it shock the establishment if Ron Paul dropped out...........now......and immediately declared a 3rd party bid and called it "The Tea Party"?

This would give him much more time to mobilize dollars, support, and to get on the ballots in many states.

The media is barely covering Ron anymore. Even if Ron goes head to head with Romney, they still are not going to give him the coverage.

Some points and questions:

- The media has lied by saying he is not electable. Ron is the most electable by far. He is the only one who can pull independents and anti-war democrats (and blue dog) in a primary election.

- Would it be easier to ensure the vote counts are accurate if the Republican party is not in control of them. Who controls the vote counts for an Independent?

- The media has not given him fair time. It would be a perfect time to heavily denounce the media, and attack them with full force, since this is Ron's last go around.

- All the Republican's are repeating like a mantra......"WE MUST DEFEAT BARACK OBAMA AT ALL COSTS". Ron's new campaign would focus on that, focus on it heavily, and the cost of "defeating obama at all costs" would be leaving the Republican and Democratic party and joining the newly minted "Tea Party" re-ignited by it's godfather.

- Ron can send his more eloquent and fiery defenders to talk on his behalf in the media. Ron's time will be spent making internet videos, speeches, and traveling around the country.

I know some people would like to keep the fences mended with the Republican party since Rand Paul is much more deeply embedded than his father.

However, Rand does not share the same views, does not have the same fire, and has not (to me) shown to our movement that he can walk in his father's footsteps.

Lew Rockwell could walk in Ron's footsteps, as could Judge Napolitano, but not Rand Paul in my view.

So what do you all think?

Does this make sense?

What are the positives and negatives?

Bump this up if you think this is a worthy discussion.

Feel free to bump it down if you feel it's harmful and detrimental talk at this time in the race.

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If you want Obama to win.

No. Unless Ron Paul WANTS Barrack Obama to win the next election he should not drop out and declare a 3rd party bid. His "independent" bid would only split votes with the Republican party bid, which would give President Obama an EASY win next November. Also, in all honesty, the vote fraud cannot be major enough to make a difference in the amount of votes Paul is getting. He has gotten pummeled in nearly every caucus and primary. I say he drops out now, and for our country's sake, he does not put in an independent bid for President.

No. Unless Ron Paul WANTS

No. Unless Ron Paul WANTS Barrack Obama to win the next election he should not drop out and declare a 3rd party bid. His "independent" bid would only split votes with the Republican party bid, which would give President Obama an EASY win next November. Also, in all honesty, the vote fraud cannot be major enough to make a difference in the amount of votes Paul is getting. He has gotten pummeled in nearly every caucus and primary. I say he drops out now, and for our country's sake, he does not put in an independent bid for President.

No...here's why...


RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

Just made me think

Did Ron and Carol name son after Ayn Rand?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


His given name is Randall. They called him Randy. His wife called him Rand, and that's what he's gone by since.

Jon Huntsman's dad wrote a book awhile back called...

Winners never Cheat and of course, Cheaters Never Win...Ron Paul is not going to cheat the America People by dropping out of this Primary season. You see, many people including all the branches of the US Armed Forces have put their trust with Ron Paul and they gave a lot of money to finance some of the primary costs too. Then we have a huge population of people under 40 years of age who have devoted themselves to the Ron Paul Campaign. Can you see why your idea is bordering on being a Repulsive one?

Ron Paul is right up there with the best of the best that the USA has produced. He IS DOING what he came to Earth to do. And that is to restore this USA and to bring order by returning to the US Constitution which does not authorize the current IRS and its daddy, the FED Bankers. Please use your talent and smarts and EXPECT Ron Paul to Win...what we Expect we get...what we think about we bring about. Thanks.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

No, I don't think it's

No, I don't think it's repulsive.

I would argue that those dollars (possibly, if we get back to the question) might be better allocated into an independent run rather than the current Republican one.

(Especially, with 8 months to gear up)

We can still spread ideas. If Ron Paul has grown from 6 percent, to 12 percent, to 21 percent support, who do you credit?

The MSM?

Or the Ron Paul grassroots movement?

Obviously, it's the latter.

Paulians becoming Randians?

Let's hope not.

People shouldn't react so harshly to people asking questions. Please don't become like the dogmatic "Randians" that used to follow Ayn Rand's every dripping.

I really haven't seen anyone poke a good hole in my argument other than "I should study up on it" and that I must be a subversive neo-con counter-agent (since I suggested the implication) and because I'm not rah-rah'ing behind the corrupt Republican party.

Get real people.

I realize going independent is hard work, but we have never had an independent candidate with Paul's current appeal. I know many people who will NOT support Paul because he is a Republican!

(I'm not one of them, as I registered Republican in 2008 and voted for Ron Paul)

So, it's true I might not knowing all the in's and out's of running independent, but I'm still amazed as some of the mean responses here.

If any of you think this is truly detrimental that I brought this up, then I do apologize, but I think most people who come to this site are smart enough to think for themselves.

SteveMT's picture

Who are you?; We are being infiltrated by subversive forces.

New member X 15 weeks saying Ron Paul should drop-out? I would say that you are a double-agent, an agent provocateur. Stop pursuing this subject fast and go back to your cave. You know nothing about Ron Paul or the Liberty Movement. You are subverting this website with MSM pollution. Who is paying you and this other new member below to do this? Ending this soft tyranny now is what I would recommend.

Another example of Daily Paul infiltration by subversive forces.

Voter fraud is not why we lost in Nevada
My reply to this new double-agent member:

Why start out here being an apologist for the corrupt NV system?
Submitted by SteveMT on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 08:37.

After just nine weeks here, it seems a bit presumptuous on your part to tell us that "there are areas of the Ron Paul campaign that are less than optimal." If you "feel like you've entered The Twilight Zone," then so have I after reading your story. You haven't been here long enough to use the Daily Paul as your point of reference, so to say that you are in the Twilight Zone is not valid, IMO. At this late date and after repeated "abnormalities" specifically aimed against us, fraud should be suspected every time there is a "poorly run" electing process until proven otherwise.

Gingrich is losing ground

Sounds like a Gingrich supporter who wants Dr. Paul's votes

I fail to see the logic..

To this question. Dr Paul is laying a path to freedom. It will not, and should not, end with his run for President. This website has the tools to place other libertarian candidates in office. You have funding through money bombs and organization through the hard work of many from this website. This is a battle, not a war. Learn what you see through this election process so that you can adapt and apply this to propel other like minded candidates. Dr Paul has given you the direction... use this wisely.


...sorry, it is not an option, my dear friend.


If Paul drops out, it will be mission accomplished for the GOP/MSM. Paul will stay to the very end, and you should do the same, keep converting neocons, keep spreading knowledge, lets make it a final push for Paul!

Well ...

1. The only way he would drop out before the convention is if he were going to go 3rd party.

2. I would say the drop dead, bottom line, deadline for that decision would be the week after Super Tuesday.

3. I am of the opinion that Paul has been honest with us with regards to a 3rd party run.

4. Given all that, and given the fact that it may in fact be better for Rand and the rest of this movement if Paul can prove that the Rep. Party needs his supporters and can't win without them, and given the fact that no-one really knows how much of the electorate Paul could win, and given the fact that this is Paul last stand ...

I predict the following ...

If Paul does not drop out and immediately declare a 3rd party run by the Friday after Super Tuesday, he will be in it for the long haul and he sees a path to victory.

i defer To Ron

he knows what to do. If he doesnt win its not his fault. its your fault for not getting enough votes for him.

Yes and no...

...if Dr. Paul doesn't take the time to inspire from the top down when it comes to fleshing out the specifics of his positive vision of strong national defense, this leaves us in the trenches to fend for ourselves and imagine what he probably has in mind and then try to convince others to agree with our guesswork. Leadership and communication from the top is vital to keep us engaged in the battle at the local level. Needs to learn from Reagan in this respect...

Do Champions Ever Quit Before The End Of An Event ?

Ron Paul is already the "Champion" of the Constitution!


Not trying to be cranky here, but...

...have you researched what it takes to form a new political party and how that party gets on the ballot in each state? Would you and a million of your closest friends like to do the legwork and raise the money? How long do you think it would take to do that? The election is November 2012.

I understand and respect your desire for discussion on this matter but please do a little homework first because it would answer a lot of your questions.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Drop OUT?!?!? Are you nuts. Voting today become a delegate!

You have to go to the caucus, and of course VOTE for Ron Paul.

Then after the straw poll, many people will leave, but DON'T! The next step is delegate election.

Each precinct (neighborhood) is allotted a certain number of delegate positions and alternate positions. You vote for the people in your neighborhood to fill each position. Bring your spouse/family members/friends (whoever lives in your precinct) and vote for each other. You can also nominate yourself. Alternates are very important, too, especially the first position, as if any one of the main delegates don't show up at the next level, you're automatically in!

Please contact the Ron Paul Headquarters in your state for some caucus training. They give a good one.

Now get busy planning on your "delegate-hood!!

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


"I'm as big as a fan of any of you"...

... LoLs, I find that highly unlikely.

Protip for NewFriends: Lurk more.

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy


which special breed of idiot, you?

I heard Dr. Paul say not too

I heard Dr. Paul say not too long ago that by the end of 2012, people will realize how serious this economic problem is. Now Jim Rogers thinks they will be able to prop the economy up until after the election. But by propping it up, it means more money-printing like mad. That shows up in everyday prices and hence why Dr. Paul says people will see it more. If he were to run 3rd party now, he would be completely ignored. Do you hear anything about the other parties or independents? No. I'd say continue giving money to his campaign so he can continue spreading the message. If the economic pain really does rear it's ugly head before the election, it will give more credence to what he's been preaching all these years. And it also would give an independent candidate a far better chance to win, don't you think? I'm following several Austrian economists who all think the dollar crisis is coming within the next two years. John Williams says outside timing is 2014 (and no way to avoid it). Peter Schiff says 2012 or 2013. Jim Rogers thinks it will be after the election because they are printing massive amounts of money to prevent it but eventually it will come down. Then there's trends predictor, Gerald Celente, who lost six figures in gold futures when MF Global failed. He was predicting 1st quarter of 2012. When it does happen, the government will have no choice but to stop spending. Keep a heads up! This is not for naught. Dr. Paul has done a stellar job at educating us as to what was coming and it will be up to the people who know if he isn't elected or put in some position to give advice. He can't do it alone. This is not about just the presidency. This is about turning the Titanic around and it's not going to be easy. Chin up! :)

Lew Rockwell could walk in

Lew Rockwell could walk in Ron's footsteps, as could Judge Napolitano, but not Rand Paul in my view.

Depends what you mean by "footsteps". Do you mean running for office? I don't think I see Lew Rockwell wanting to do that...has he ever expressed any interest? Judge Napolitano...I like him but...I saw that he just covered the Pimping for Paul story right before Nevada, and that rubbed me the wrong way. Did anyone happen to catch that segment? Not sure what his motivation was for running that story, though some have suggested he did it since somebody else was bound to do it. Disagree about Rand, I think he has potential. But that's just my personal opinion, I could be wrong.

Lew Rockwell

Does not vote.

He would be the last person to run for office. He does not believe in the system.

He's also one of the smartest men out there.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

The third party run would

The third party run would make him look like a sore loser now.
He really needs to win a primary/caucus.
Also he cannot just go and call it "tea party", he needs to run as the candidate for the Libertarian or Constitution Party. (not sure about that, but I think to be on the ballot in all states he needs to do that)
Actually I find the idea to collect delegates and go to the convention much better.
I know they cheat, but so do the democrats. They stole the nomination from Hillary, remember? She had more votes and they just rigged it.
We are a movement now, Obama (Dems) the media and the establishment Repubs (cocktail Party) are just exposing themselves for what they are.

Hmmm...you need a name change...

howz about "givejonaclue"

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


There is still potential benefit in the run, even with the deck stacked against him.

There are no 3rd Party bids that are underway, so there is ZERO benefit to dropping off the face of the planet for 8 months, waiting for the 3rd Parties to have conventions.

Even if the 3rd Party idea eventually becomes desirable, now is not the time for it.


F*ck off

I respect your right to say

I respect your right to say what you want, but supporters like you reflect very badly on Dr Paul.

The same with all the rest of you.

I was hoping we could have an intellectual discussion about this. Calling me a troll, or treating me with disrespect, only makes you look bad.

If I was a new person wanting to get into this movement I would be very, very turned off.

Thankfully, I'm a hardcore supporter already, and realize that some of his supporters have not yet attained the gift of tact.